November 20, 2008


I am not a big fan of spandex. Other than my super-cold-oh-my-gosh-why-I-am-running-in-weather-like-this spandex pants, and my cycling shorts, I own no spandex. And everyone knows that if you're not racing in the Tour de France, you look ridiculous in cycling shorts. Guys have that crazy-is-it-in-the-right-place-bulging thing going on, while us girls...well, we're lucky because that shammy in the crotch totally detracts from the ghetto booty we're sporting.

At any rate, you get it. Other than holding up my socks and underwear, I really have never had a love-love relationship with spandex.

Until today.

A few weeks ago I decided that with the semi-cold weather coming I would try out a thinner pair of running pants. Some that I could still wear my shorts over (because that totally doesn't make the ghetto booty look any bigger...), but maybe some cropped ones, or just some that were for above 32 degree, but below 50 degree, temps. I also thought it might be nice if I could wear them to the AM FitCamp class. So, I found. I bought. And I held my breath while I tried on the size small that I thought might mask the ghetto booty the best.

And I was actually shocked and amazed that I could really wear them without shorts. The cut was more of a workout pant rather than a run pant, so shorts just really wouldn't work. While I still wasn't totally in love with them, I thought I might be able to wear them without seriously injuring anyone.

So, last night I wore them (and a long shirt) to my personal training session. Since it was just me and Rick, and he is totally used to people wearing inappropriate spandex to workout in, I figured it wouldn't hurt to wear them. And it didn't. And Rick didn't ask me to not come back to class anymore. And I didn't sweat too much (it was just a weight session) so tonight I figured I would recycle those pants and wear them to the actual FitCamp class.

Except I didn't know that Rick was going to have us do step up-step downs followed by relay sprints followed by three flights of stairs and back onto the step up-step downs. In essence, it was an hour of speedwork. With little break times especially since I had to sprint-sprint (which is not like a regular sprint) to the stairs so I could get in front of the slow-er people. What am I saying? Pants....spandex...I quickly realized were a bad idea.

Except that I kept getting glimpses of my reflection in the windows...and spent quite a bit of time looking at my thighs while I stepped up and down...and maybe caught myself looking at myself in the studio mirrors when I went to grab some water.

And holy crap. I realized I was totally rockin' the spandex!

I mean seriously. I finally realized why some people (the people who CAN wear them) totally like them. I could see every muscle in my leg as it reached up for another relay or another step or just for a stretch. I. Could. See. Every. Muscle.

Which means that I couldn't see any of that dreaded...oh gosh I don't even want to say the word...that dreaded...cellulite.

I was just so stinking happy with myself that the pain and agony of sprinting up the stairs for a 6th time didn't even phase me. I was actually seeing all this hard work paying off. In the form of some very flattering spandex pants. Wow. Bet that's the first time the words "flattering" and "spandex" have been used in the same sentence. I just couldn't believe it. I even suggested to Troy that we go to IVP after class...just so I could show my spandex off celebrate with a beer.

So, if you see me tomorrow or the next day in a pair of black cropped spandex pants, make sure to tell me "nice spandex"...or "nice pants"...or "nice ass" if you feel so inclined.

I may be rockin' these pants for quite some time*....or at least until someone tells me to put something else on...until then, have a great weekend!

*I wonder if spandex is in the dresscode at work?

PS. If you are a proprietor of really cute spandex pants and would like a really really good (and popular I might add) blogger to try your digs out, just shoot me an email and I will gladly take on the tedious, and often hard to fill, job of test marketing said cute spandex pants.


Marathoner in Training said...

So, you are now one of the elite spandex wearing people, that actually look good in them. Congrats to you.

TimC said...

I hear ya running partner. I guess if it makes you go faster than I will have to get me some too,NOT.:) Have a great day and see ya Sunday AM

the spandex said...

i know you really like us and that you look great in us and all, but we have one request after all the showing off that you've been doing.

wash us. please.