November 19, 2008


So it begins.

I had every intention of doing 5 x 400's at a 2:17 - 2:20 pace because that's what the McMillan Calculator told me I should be doing if I want to finish that silly little marathon in a few weeks in under 4 hours and 30 minutes. And besides that, I knew I was running at least 2:00 for a 400 before I gave up speedwork. I was also going to do a 1 mile warm-up and cool-down.

Going to do this...going to do that....the story of my life, right?

This is what I really did:

a 1/2 mile warmup (I got to the track late and had to be at FitCamp at 6pm) at 10:03 pace

Lap 1 - 1:46
(in my, maybe I should slow down)
Lap 2 - 1:52
(in my head...thinking...slowing down is for sissies)
Lap 3 - 1:46
(in my head...thinking...I think I might be good at this)
Lap 4 - 1:50
(in my head...thinking...I can't believe I've kept this up for four full laps)
Lap 5 - 1:47
(in my head...thinking...I really am good at this!)

a 1/2 mile cooldown at 8:55 pace

I quickly realized that if I was able to keep this pace up I would be doing anywhere from 7:00 to 7:13 miles (I'm an accountant...we figure these things out quickly...). So, on the cooldown I decided to slow down enough that I was comfortable but not so much that I was really relaxed, just to see how far I could go and at what pace, hence the 8:55 pace which is not usually my conversational pace, but for some reason it was today...I also did a 2 min walk/jog in between each lap. And actually I think I could have shortened that to be equal to the length of the lap time I had just run (wisdom and advice on that one from Walt).

While I know this is just one day of speedwork, it really gave me some hope that maybe I just can do this run-fast thing! And well, because I endured an hour of FitCamp immediately after (in which Rick had us doing that run sprint thing up the stairs again last night), I truly felt like a rock star.

Until next time...

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Marathoner in Training said...

Great job on the speed work, you should be ready for your marathon coming up.