November 03, 2008


Sometimes I inflict unnecessary pain on myself.

For example, I didn't early vote so now I'm going to have to spend the entire day tomorrow standing in line. Unnecessary pain...totally unnecessary.

On another occasion (and more running related) I once put my visor on too tight. I ended up running an entire half marathon thinking that I was having an aneurysm. Really. Troy can tell you about the throbbing pain (unnecessary pain) that I complained about for at least 5 miles.

Today, I realized I did it again....

Remember yesterday when I complained about a nagging knee pain?? Well, the pain lasted all day yesterday...this morning, it was still there...all day today, that nagging knee pain...still there. I was kicking myself because I knew...I KNEW...that lack of training causes injuries. I KNEW THAT. This evening I decided to run a very (very very) slow 2 miles before FitCamp. I just had to know if it was all in my head, or if I would be stopped dead in my tracks for that dreaded (DREADED) ITB issue that I KNEW was looming. Well, the run was ok. Just ok. The pain was there but it never stopped me in my tracks. Actually, the entire time I was running, I kept thinking "have I done something differently (other than not running like I should) that has caused this pain???"

And that's when it stopped me DEAD in my tracks.

About 4 days ago I noticed that I did not have my shoes laced all the way up. You that very last hole, that's sortof diagonally across from the other holes. I'm not sure if it was just this pair, or if I've NEVER laced them up that far. But, I figured it can't hurt to get them nice and snug, right?


When I stopped DEAD in my tracks and unlaced that extra hole, and carefully retied my shoes (in double knots, of course), I felt this sense of relief. The my my shin (I only complained about that pain to a couple of people)...all of it was GONE. I had about a half a mile to go to finish up my 2 miles and get into FitCamp...and it was just GONE.

It was like my head had been trying to tell my shoes to unlace themselves through knee pain, but my shoes just weren't listening.

I headed into FitCamp...did an hour's worth of working out....jumping over ropes...jumping on boxes (holding a BALL above my head)...jumping jacks...jumping over mini-hurdles...jumping through a ladder. All that jumping and NO PAIN.

And here I sit, over an hour later...and still NO PAIN. How do I inflict this sortof pain on myself over and over and over again? Well, I'm not really sure how I do it, but I'm just glad to know that it was all in my head...and in my shoelaces.


DKH Entertainment Group said...

Good for you! I'm glad you fixed it.

Bryan said...