November 30, 2008


I was tagged by Tim to list 6 things that make me happy. After the previous post, I am glad to write about anything happy!

So here goes, albeit a little dorky:

1. The satisfaction of a job completed. I have no idea why I get so dang happy when I actually finish something 100% all the way no turning back I'm done, sort of completion. But geez it makes me happy. I've been having trouble this last year doing that because I've become increasingly busier with work, home, life, etc. Maybe 2009 will be my completion come-back year.

2. A good workout, whether it's running, riding my bike, or getting my ass handed to me in FitCamp, it doesn't matter. A good workout makes me happy.

3. My family. All of them. Even when they get on my nerves. The kiddos are my special favorites, but Troy comes in a close second (just kidding). No, really, being around my family truly makes me happy. Maybe it's because I know that I come from a good family and that I have now inherited a good family. Maybe it's just because I like them, faults and all. Who knows...but they do make me happy.

4. Spending time with my friends. There is nothing better than drinking beer or margaritas or egg nog and whiskey with good friends. It just makes me happy and carefree and forget about all the other things I need to do.

5. Watching the Biggest Loser with Troy. It's a ritual. And it's the only show that we both really get into (other than the Office). We are constantly putting the TV on pause to talk about what a hag Vicky is, or how Michelle sure did kick ass on that last chance workout. It's something we both enjoy and look forward to every Tuesday night. And it makes me happy to sit next to my healthy husband, who also has hot abs.

6. Taking a nap. I am going to be the best elderly person you've ever seen because I can nap on the drop of a dime. I love having a nice lunch and then curling up on the sofa for a good, hearty nap. I just love naps and wish I lived in Mexico or Spain or anywhere else where siestas are practiced regularly. I could probably win a contest in the best nap taking division. Seriously. Napping makes me extremely happy.

So, there you have it. Now I'm tagging some other folks including:

Tim the Paramedic and Ultramarathoner (who should say that running makes him happy)

Marathoner in Training (who may never read my blog again after being tagged...sorry!)

Troy (who is way overdue for a post)

Jim (who better say his NEW wife makes him happy!)

Sandra (who may have trouble right now finding 6 things that make her happy so I'll help her out: not living in Iraq, JustyBear, Rufuses balls, unlimited supplies of Bass, the other dogs, and me)

Leora (who sounds like she needs a happy post or pill...whichever comes first).

Have fun.


Troy Tarpley said...

Reading your blog makes me happy.

Marathoner in Training said...

I will continue to read you blog, it gives me a smile.

leora's blog said...

reading troy's comment about reading your blog made me happy, but no I like reading your blog, it's always so comforting for some reason....sorry for your injury suckiness....i hope it gets better soon!

Tim said...

Excellent list Amy!