November 02, 2008


Actually it's just my left knee that hates me. I'm sure those 12 miles of pavement that I criss-crossed over actually appreciated the Amy-Love they got, since it's been so long since I showed up for a long run.

I sortof knew that I might have some problems since it's been a few weeks since I've actually been consistent with my running. I've hit and missed, zig-zagging across short and long runs, actually making little to no progress with it all.

What am I saying? I sortof knew this was coming.

I'm icing, icing, icing (and resting, elevating, and adviling) today and hoping that it works itself out while I sleep tonight.

And, unfortunately, I'm learning my lesson the hard way.

I'm also learning my lesson about registering for races. I'm sortof notorious for registering late (yeah, you would think that someone as organized as I am, would never have this problem). It's actually never caused me any trouble, so I've never felt the need to change this bad habit.

Until seems that the half marathon Troy and I were supposed to run on Saturday is F-U-L-L. It wouldn't be so bad but we sortof promised a friend that we would run it, since it's his first half (sorry Rex!). I guess we'll be two of the best cheerleaders at the finish! And I've totally learned my lesson. REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER.

Not sure what my running will look like this week, in case I end up having to nurse a bum knee. I'll give it a rest tomorrow and see how Tuesday shakes out on a short 4-miler.

Have a great week!

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