October 30, 2008


Well, we're on YouTube, so that makes us almost-famous, right? I knew it would eventually happen. I'm really just glad that it's not the video of me bar dancing at my bachelorette party. Oh, and if you happened to be in the conga line at our reception, you too are now on YouTube. (Sandra, I love your entrance to the dance floor the best!!)

This is our first dance. I can't thank DKH Entertainment Group enough for having the foresight to video it! Kevin and Becca, you are the BEST!!!!

Enjoy...and note my dress malfunction on the very first dance step. I totally would have torn it up Amy-style had I not had to have one hand on the dress....

Oh, and towards the end...the short guy dancing with the two women...that's my dad...dear old've still got it with the mom was the one in the pink dress.

Thanks again Kevin...the coolest wedding gift EVER!


Tim said...

Great video!


Anne said...

You don't see too many first dances to such upbeat music, and look how smooth you and Troy were with those moves...great conga line too!