October 28, 2008


I have this fantasy that, now that I'm the bosses wife, people will start addressing me as Mrs (insert a very southern accent) Tarpley. The only people I have convinced so far are Sandra and JB. And I think they had both been drinking when they agreed to start calling me that.

The honeymoon was G-R-E-A-T! I didn't get sea sick or come back with malaria, so that makes it an extra-specially great trip. I did drink entirely too much (so did Troy but he won't admit it). I ran 2 miles on the deck (mostly walking, but walking faster than the runners, so I called it running) and one mile on the treadmill. By the way, trying to run on a treadmill while the boat is rocking back and forth is a really good way to mimic what sea-sickness might have felt like. I also did a 20 minute abbreviated version of Fitness Camp. Someone should have told me that a honeymoon is not a good place to try and get a long-run in.

We did, however, compete in an adventure race in Cozumel that was totally cool. And we WON! We ran faster than 7 other group through the back streets of Cozumel grabbing clues just like the real show...deciphering word jumbles and word-coding...looking for hints...running through public markets and having a blast. Oh, and it was raining the entire time which just sortof made us look that much hardcore. Sadly, we were too busy getting to know the real locals in Cozumel to make a pit stop at Senor Frogs. Not that we're a Frog-hater, but it was very cool to see the non-touristy areas of the place. We also kissed and hugged dolphins in Honduras which was equally as cool. Troy almost cried when they told him it was time to go, that he had to say bye to Maury the dolphin. Belize stunk. Really. It was a 12th world country (so termed by our table mate who just happened to be from a 3rd world country). Grand Cayman was too touristy to really get a feel for it, but I did snorkel for the first time ever, and we got to see fish that were big enough to be sharks (but weren't...thank goodness).

All in all it was a great trip and I'm really glad to be home. Right now anyway...until I have to go back to work's been a month...someone save from the email havoc that awaits!

Back to the world of running. I ran 4 miles this morning before my personal training session. It was much better than I had predicted and I averaged a 10:30 pace (which is good for me) despite the fact that I may have run 4 miles total this month. I guess your body really doesn't forget how much it likes running! I started my personal training sessions today and I'm really excited about them. My trainer, Rick, is trying to help me meet my goals of being a super-speedy runner....okay, maybe that's taking it a little far. I just want to have hot arms, and abs, and be able to run faster. That's not asking too much, is it??? I'm also going to Fit Camp 5 times a week as well, which mostly focuses on the cardio aspect of things. After all the desserts I had on the ship, I can't really do too much cardio right now....

I'm trying to get back to running 5 days a week again. Now that the wedding is over, I really have absolutely no excuse for not putting forth some strong effort in the running department. I even broke down today and bought a reflective vest, so that the fear of getting hit while running in the dark can't be an excuse anymore. I'm even planning on meeting the Sunday run group for a long run this weekend. I guess it helps that it's my turn to put water out...anything to get me there, right? Really though, while I'm not feeling overly optimistic about breaking any world (Amy) records at the Disney marathon, I am optimistic that 2009 is going to be a strong running year for me!! And I can't wait!!!

(pictures of the honeymoon will be posted in a few days...most of them stunk, but there were a few good shots of us drinking another bucket of beer)....

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Congrats and welcome back.