October 09, 2008


I think this will be my last post as Amy G.

I've got too much going on between now and Saturday to even think about sneaking a blog post in.

I've been crazy busy the last few days, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I didn't even get butterflies in my stomach when I saw that there were only 2 more days until the Big Day.

I no longer hate It rained yesterday which should give the park a few more days to green back up and look pretty. Sorry

If I tie one more bow on anything, I think I'm going to throw-up.

I've run an entire 4 miles this month. I've given up on that until at least next week. I have been going to Fit Camp as much as I can and Rick is still handing my ass to me, so that's good.

My dad posted a comment to my blog last night! That was cool. Hi Dad!

Most everything is in the hands of the wedding coordinator, and after I get my teeth cleaned today at 4:00, I will have no more wedding planning left to do! I can't believe after almost a year and a half it's finally here! Thanks for listening to my wedding tales for the last 531 days!

I've spent the last week wrapping presents, stuffing gift bags, tying bows, making mental checklists, practicing my dance skills, making schedules, coordinating drop off and pick up times, assuring everyone that I'm not as nervous as they think I should be, baking cookies, and putting out fires.

Guess what Troy's been doing?

Well, I'm off to finish the last minute things and motivate Troy to do something other than make funny yearbook pictures of us*! We don't leave for our honeymoon until sometime next week (who wants to get up at 5am the day after their wedding to catch a plane???) so I'm sure I'll post again, post-wedding, when I will officially be Mrs. T. Wow...

*Those really aren't pictures of case you couldn't guess!


Marathoner in Training said...

Good bye Amy G. and Hello Amy T.

leora's blog said...

Aim Tizzard?!I've missed your Targizzard self...I wish you all the best in your pre-during-and-post wedding shenanigans. Are those mushrooms growing out of your heads in those photos?

Jim said...

For better for worse, for richer or poorer, for 5k or marathon.

Congrats and I look forward to seeing you guys Saturday!

Laura Lohr said...

Hang in there. It will all be worth it. Take it from someone who had some rain in June---it will all work out. You'll be beautiful AND Mrs. T.

Wishing you and Troy all my best! Much happiness to you both!

Don't doddle on the picture posting either! ;)

Tim said...

All the best always.

Tim & Beth

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! We just celebrated our 10th!

Phil said...

Congratulations Amy ... I wish you all the best today and know you'll have a great future together.

Anonymous said...

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