October 16, 2008


I'll let you look at the pictures.

I haven't even looked at all of them yet...there must be about 2,000.

I had wanted to post a whole recap of the events...the events leading up to the events...and what I hope will follow the events. But, none of that has happened.

I will tell you that it was PERFECT. Exactly how I had imagined.

It rained that day and we had to make a last minute decision to move the ceremony under the tent at the reception location. I'm not sure why I was so calm the whole day, but I was. I just knew that despite the hair and makeup taking too long, the bad weather, and whatever other snafus that happened that people have been kind enough not to tell me about...whatever happened, it was still PERFECT.

My mom said "nothing went as planned, but if it had not been planned so painstakingly, it would have been chaos."

It wasn't.

I just can't say it enough. It was PERFECT.

We picked a great crew to help. Between the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the friends and family, the vendors....all the helping know who you are. You are the one who showed up at noon to put up another tent, the one who held my hand and urged me to take some drugs, the one who brought cookies and treats and made sure everything was sortof on time schedule, the one who read the most perfectly perfect poem right before we left, the one who took my heels off while I was standing up, the one who hugged me in the trolley when I made the decision to move the ceremony, the the oneS, who told me how pretty I looked all day, the one who checked into my hotel and the one who picked my dress up for me, the oneS who showed up at the rehearsal to pick up where I was leaving off....I wish I had enough time to say everything. You guys are the BEST!

You can visit the pictures at Click on "view proofs." Event Code is "Tarpley Wedding" and password is 101108. The photographer uploaded them all, so some may be better than others. Once we pick and choose the photos we want, then the cropping and other magic will begin. He also split them into several categories, so select from the folders on the right and ENJOY!

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jeff said...

i can't believe i just went through all those photos. now i really DO feel like i was there. hahah

troy looks fantastic and you are a beautiful bride! congrats to you two!

[love the mountain cake w/ the bike!]