October 03, 2008


If one more person tells me how impressed they are with my organization skills, I'm going to quit my real job and starts making lists for a living.

I guess people are just really really wowed by how organized I am. Seating charts, reception layouts, schedules (for everyone), thank you cards written immediately upon receiving gifts, and other such organized things are just my thing...I guess.

I'm not overwhelmed all the time, but brief moments here or there, the walls start to feel like they are closing in. I can't believe I have put all this together (with lots of help from the wedding coordinator, family, and friends.) The one and only thing that has gotten under my skin is the issue of RSVPing. I guess that's one character flaw that most people have (and yes, I just called it a character flaw...if you are offended then you must have forgotten to RSVP too).

Troy said I should put a picture of crickets chirping on my blog the day after the wedding...I guess he's just overwhelmed with listening to me talk about all the planning because he sure hasn't had to do much of it.

I think I'm just rambling to put off the inevitable...tying bows on the wedding programs.

I'll write something more interesting later.

Oh, and running: almost nonexistent these days. Although I'm still getting my ass handed to me at Fitness Camp on a weekly basis.


Marathoner in Training said...

With all the prep for the Awesome day, it will definately be a day that you will never forget. Notes from my wedding. Remember to eat! and have someone else do the worrying for you. Enjoy your self and your new life together.

Jim said...

Eight days until the big day. Wow. Hard to believe.

A little advice-
Don't overdo it.
Short easy runs.
Drink lots of water.
Carbo load a couple of days before.
Get lots of sleep.

Oh . . . ooops. Thats the "get ready for marathon" advice.

Wedding advice-


ps. Yes, guilty about RSVP. Sorry about that. There are drugs you can take for the OCD! :-)

jeff said...

we haven't received our invitation yet, so i'll just rsvp via comment.

smsmh, tc and i will be there on the happy day!*

[*in spirit]