September 05, 2008


It seems like the more running I do, the more I want to do. I was actually trying to figure out yesterday how I could get to my lunch date with my 8 year old nephew Pete, get a run in, and get back to work in a decent amount of time. Those thoughts haven't creeped into my head in a very long time.

I've run 4 days this week which deserves a call to the Guinness Book of World Records...I've been to my fitness camp twice this week, and ran after the camp both days. I've had no problems getting up at 5am and hitting the pavement for some type of physical activity.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm loving every single minute of it.

I plan on tearing up the trails on my mountain bike tomorrow with T-roy in tow.

Sunday, I'm going to end the week with a 10 mile run.

And in 36 days I get to marry the man of my dreams!

I feel like running around the backyard singing "The Sound of Music" or something else equally as cheesy.

Life is good people and I may make it an entire week without complaining about anything!

Tonight we are celebrating Pete's birthday with the other niece/nephew rugrats. It's going to be f-u-n (for real). Speaking of will say the darndest things:

Last night I was working out with my mom and Pete was in the room trying his hand at lunges and crunches and other torturous moves I was inflicting on my mom. First he asked me if I was going to kill her because "she looks like she's going to die"....he then followed that lovely question with this vital piece of information:

"I'm only 8. Which means I'm not old yet. But when I do get old, I'll get fat and then I'll have to work out too."

Have a great weekend!


Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Hi Amy. I've been away from your blog for a bit, but wanted to stop by and see how you're doing and wish the best.

So exciting about your wedding coming up. Try to stay fit and sane.


Sandra said...

Dear Amy:
1) Good thing Pete is not a girl, because he/she would already think he/she is fat. That was very cute.
2) What about the invitation for Harry Peter?
3) Oh yah, I forgot to tell you that I have a conflict with the wedding date because that's the weekend I usually take a lot of colon blow and do a total cleanse so I may not be able to make it.
4) Give me the names/numbers of the idiots who made those comments and I will call them for you (would be some good stress relief).
5) Glad you are in your running groove again. I need you to do some for me.
6) I'm going to lose 20 pounds or cut myself in half before the wedding so I can fit into my dress.
7) Thanks very much for taking me to get knocked up. You rock!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Isn't it the best when your running is on a roll. Wishing you the best over the next 36 days and then some.