September 21, 2008


That's the thought that just went through my head when I saw "20 days until I marry Troy". I have no idea why seeing it plastered on my blog has a much more profound effect on my insides than everyone saying "can you believe it's happening in 3 weeks?!?!?"

But, with vomitting aside, I'd like to update you on the real business of my life: running and riding my bike. Oh, and Fit Camp.

- I didn't have such a good stab at Fit Camp last week. I think it has something to do with skipping Monday's 6am class. I guess once I skip one day, I feel like it's totally okay to skip Thursday's class and then accidently get to Saturday's class after the group has already left for their painful hill repeats in the cemetary. Skipping 3 classes is totally not okay. Especially when the goal is to get my guns ready for that wedding dress. Next week, I'm going to make it to all 5 classes and maybe even Monday nights class if my mom bails on our Mon/Wed workouts together.

- Running: I already posted that I ran 9.5 miles last week. And I got one lame-o comment about it. Actually, the lame-o comment wasn't even about the run. And yes, Bryan, I was totally talking about YOU in that post. But, in case you were just too busy to read my blog this week, let me update you. I RAN A 9.5 MILE RUN THIS WEEK. And the last time I ran that far was the 1st 9.5 miles of the marathon I ran on March 1. That is BIG news. Almost as big as the fact that I'm getting married (in case you hadn't heard that either). I think I'm learning how to juggle this whole training for a marathon/getting ready for a wedding thing. While I'll never be as cool as Julianne, who can run a marathon and get married in the same week, I still feel a little glimmer of hope that I'm starting to be able to manage my life a little better these days. Especially when it comes to training for this marathon. I'm even back to thinking that I could run 2 marathons in one week and become a Maniac because heck, if I'm not going to be known as that "crazy-fast girl", I'd like to be known as a little crazy for something related to running.

- I did my first urban assault on my mountain bike yesterday morning. I'm guessing that it probably wasn't exactly what Troy had in mind in the "assault" department, but I was sortof spent by the time we got down there. But, it was nice to ride to the top of the parking garages and take in the city from that view with Troy. Now, it's your turn to vomit. Actually, our plan was to ride the 10 or so miles down to Fit Camp. Go on the hellatious cemetary walk. Get back on our bikes and assault the parking garages. Then ride the 10+ miles home. Because collectively we can't get anywhere on time, we missed Fit Camp. And I forgot how hard it is to ride on the road just spinning and spinning and spinning (because the 10+ miles is mostly flat) on a mountain bike. If someone can tell me how to enjoy that part of riding a bike, please leave your advice in the comment section. So, my legs were already tired by the time we got down there. And then we rode around for about 2 hours. And then we had to ride back home. I'm going to take liberty in the number of miles rode department and say we rode about 25 miles. Not bad for missing a run (I forgot to mention that we bailed on a 3 mile run prior to the ride) and missing Fit Camp.

- Wedding: 20 holy moly days. Actually, because I'm so organized and so OCD about planning, I'm actually starting to see the benefits of my mass hysteria over the last year or so. I'm actually sitting on the sofa, watching Sunday Morning, enjoying my coffee. And get this: I've actually read all of my favorite blogs! And I even commented on most of them (if you didn't get a comment, it's not because I don't feel the blogger love. It's because you either haven't updated in a year [Troy, Kurt, Bryan, Jim, etc] or it's because I never post a comment to your blog [Vanilla, Amy Lawson, Runner Susan, etc]). At any rate, I'm feeling incredibly optimistic about thet wedding thing. I checked the almanac this morning (which I was really hesitant to do!) and it says that the following:

Oct. 1-10: Sunny, cool, then seasonable
Oct. 11-16: Sunny, warm

No rain in the forecast until we are long gone on our honeymoon. Ha. Pretty much everything is done, or in the process of being done. Except Troy hasn't picked out his groomsmen's gifts (maybe if I out him here, he will get a move on it!) and 2 of the 4 bridesmaids dresses still haven't arrived. That last part is okay though because Sandra will look great in a pair of bedazzled denim shorts. Beckie won't wear shorts so I guess I'll have to bedazzle MOH (maid of honor) on the back pocket of her jeans.

That's it. Sorry for the long post...guess I've got too much time on my hands today!

Have a great week!


Phil said...

Best of luck with the FIT CAMP. I'm sure you're going to knock-'em dead in your wedding dress. And congrats on the 9.4 miler. I ran 10 this morning for the first time in what seems like forever and felt like I was on top of the world.

Take care.

Anne said...

Yes, the rewards of staying on top of things is having the joy (and, of course, jitters) of staying in the moment as the big day approaches. May you have many more Sunday Mornings in your near and distant future, Amy.

Jonathan said...

Congrats on the long run! I actually saw you running that morning on the way into work. You were running down College St. towards Mercer and I was coming into downtown on Forsyth street turning the opposite way onto College. It was around 7:40ish and I remember thinking "There's Amy. She'll probably blog about this later." and a little later I checked from work and sure enough, you had!

Sorry for me not commenting but I usually just read. Next time I will yell out my car window ... "Hey Amy I read your blog". Having a stranger yell at you downtown is definitely one way to increase your pace!

Firefly's Running said...

Don't forget to breathe. The days will go fast.

Tim said...

With so much on your plate, staying present (and calm) is a challenge but hang in there - all will be as it should be.

All the best.

Laura Lohr said...

HOLY COW! 20 more days! Yeah! I cannot wait to hear how it all goes! :)

Good luck with Fit Camp this week!

Bev said...

Boy I wish you would find something to do. You sound bored. HA! Sounds like you are going to need a good honeymoon to recover from the planning.