September 18, 2008


No, I haven't gotten married yet.

But, I did get in a long-ish run today of 9.5 miles. It felt like the good ole days.

I ran about 5 of it with Downtown D and then the rest solo. It was nice to run by myself. Not that I don't enjoy the company of all my running buddies, but I think I was overdue for some alone time.

In case you're wondering, I have hives. Apparently that's what happens when you're 23 days out from your wedding day and having at least 2 nightmares per night that usually involve the coordinator yelling at me, my dad wearing Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt to walk me down the aisle, and the DJ being replaced by a Slash-wannabe playing the electric guitar (Sorry Kevin!). Oh, and the ceremony usually happen in a high school gymnasium. I'm beginning to love 2am TV as I seem to find myself awake at that hour, scared to go back to sleep.

This week I meet with most all of the vendors and the coordinator so I really think I'm pretty much done after tomorrow. I even have made plans to ride my bike on Saturday. Good times ahead people!

I've been attending Fit Camp at least 4 times a week, and as much as I dread every minute of it, I come out feeling stronger every time. And tired. That class kicks my butt in a way that running never has. Rock on with it Rick...rock on.

Other than that little bit of news (the 9.5 miles news) nothing else in my life is new. We've received a little over 100 RSVPs and I'm really excited about who's going to make it! There are quite a few people (including some of those that are in the wedding) that haven't RSVPed yet and that really aggravates my OCD...On another related note, the sheep may actually make an appearance! Or we may have the coolest RBF (Running Blog Family) meetup ever! Too bad we aren't having a 5k to commemorate the event...but, Jeff Galloway will be in a town about 40 minutes south of Macon on the morning of the wedding hosting a 5k, so if you want more info just let me know! My mother has made me promise that I won't try and make it to the run :(

Well, I guess it is time to get to work. Have a great Thursday!

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Bryan said...

"quite a few people (including some of those that are in the wedding) that haven't RSVPed yet"

Was that comment directed to me?