September 25, 2008


Yahoo! At least one of them fits enough to get by. It's too low cut but needs to be hemmed so my mother (Mrs. Crafty) is going to do something so that to it to make it not so low cut anymore. Thank heavens for mom's who know how to sew! I for one, think it should be a prerequisite for all moms, which I guess, means it's a good thing I'm not one (although I do own a sewing machine so maybe I'm on my way to be Mrs. Tarpley-Crafty as well).

The other won't get tried on until next week since Sandra is MIA, or also known as "being at her mom's house." I hope she's having a good time because lord knows she deserves it! Speaking of which, today is her wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Sandra and Justin: may the good years keep on coming because I'll need all the advice I can get!

Running just isn't happening like I'd like it to this week, but I'm totally over that. I plan on doing a long run tomorrow of 11 miles and that maybe my only run this week. Oh well. I'll be back in the "real" swing of things after the wedding.

Fit Camp is still kicking my butt. And for all you Kinetix haters, like me, I encourage you to check out the Gateway Fitness Studio's Fitness Camp. Rick is way better than a gym and I leave there feeling like I've had my ass handed to me everytime I go! Speaking of Kinetix, if I get the time I may have to revisit that subject. I've had two personal emails just this week telling me of the shadiness that is still rampent at that place. When will business owners learn?? Did you know that the post I made so long ago about Kinetix gets over 300 hits per month? I'm not even sure that all my other blogginess gets that kind of action. The topic will be revisted, so feel free to email me your tale and I'll include it and black out your name to make it look really top-secret and official.

Latest saga on the wedding...the big pool of water that we will get married in front at the park will be minus water. The pump is broken and our fair city doesn't have the $$ to fix it. We'd pay to fix it if the city would name the park after us, but that doesn't seem like a good deal to the city...oh well...plan B is to fill the 10ft x 30ft pool with flowers and plants...who loves a good wedding budget buster??

That's it for today. Sunday Troy, my brother, and I are going mountain bike riding and I can't wait!

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Marathoner in Training said...

You will need to change your blog from "Amy's Running Life" to "Amy's Crafting Life". My mother in law seems to do all our sewing. I am glad to hear that the dress is going to workout. Only a couple of weeks till the big day. Congrats again.