August 20, 2008


On this, the 20th day of August:

Also known as Bryan's 40th birthday (ha!),

Also known as 11 days from the Labor Day Race,

Also known as 11 days from never having to enter another Labor Day Race Registration form by hand again,

On this day, I hereby proclaim that 2009 will be designated as a VOLUNTEER FREE year.

Or better known as "The Year I Did Something For Me" (or "Selfish Year"...whatever you want to call it).

I mean many more registration forms do I have to stop, call the runner, and ask them what sex they are, which race they are planning on running, and what size t-shirt they wanted? 11 more days and this little chapter in my life is done :)

If I thought I could get away with it, I'd register them all for the fun run and a Youth Medium cotton shirt...that will teach them to send in a half-hearted attempt at a complete form, right?

(and I'm just kidding Kerry...I wouldn't really do that....)

Oh, and one other thing: out of courtesy to my fellow volunteers, I will from this day forward register for all races online if the capability is offered. The $3 service fee is worth knowing that I saved someone from pulling all their hair out :)


Jim said...

Hey . . . hats off to ALL that are willing to be volunteers. I did it once and swore I would never do it again. I swear, after processing some of the forms, I just knew that I was THE smartest person in the world.

BTW . . . . check out my MUSHY STUFF blog about Susan and me . . . you may find it interesting!!!!

Tim said...

"VOLUNTEER FREE year" - You may have just given Hallmark yet another marketing opportunity!

Happy Volunteer Free Year!


Phil said...

God bless the volunteers ... for they shall organize our races.

Sandra said...

Dear Amy - I'm going to volunteer to be your friend, so we can eat sushi and drink beer in the free time you will have when you're not volunteering.

Sandra said...

You could volunteer to volunteer other volunteers.

Happy Birthday Brian!

Julianne said...

dropped by to see how your running and wedding planning was going! sounds like it's on schedule? wow, 47 days to go! :-)