August 27, 2008


Just like I say I'll run everyday...haha....

At any rate, my life seems to be evolving around wedding bologna and not really much else that's interesting or exciting.

Next week will be better I'm certain of it. Alot of the major junk will be out of the way and I'll be home free :)

I'd like to run today. It looks Hurricane Fay has finally stopped beating us up with tornadoes so maybe I'll get a real run outdoors today! By the way, I saw my very first tornado yesterday. It was actually quite cool, and not as scary as I had imagined they would be....I guess it helped that when I saw it I was headed in the opposite direction of the storm so there were no worries.

Friday, my mom and I are starting the 6 week countdown boot camp. I'd like to have nicer arms for that dress, and my mom would like her dress to be a little less snug around the middle. I'm going to kick her a$$. For real style. Only because she needs it, and it will help me get some of this frustration off my chest. She has no idea what she's in for...she thought her legs hurt after dance class last night...ha. In addition to making her look fabulous for the big day, I promise not to let her end up in a cast like I typically do. I promise.

Other than that, life really is peachy. I have a great fiance, great friends, a great family, a great job, great running legs (for you Deb!), and a great life in general. So what if the bridesmaids end up wearing denim shorts and flip flops down the least I'll be married to the man of my dreams :)

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