August 27, 2008


You would think with all that I have to do, I wouldn't be able to post 3 times in less than 24 hours, right?

Well, I'm giving a big ole' SHOUTOUT to my entertainment coordinator (ie, the Rockin DJ that is Kevin Nichols at DKH Entertainment).

After reading my blog this morning, he called to make sure I was okay about the bridesmaid dress potential snafu (read below), and to offer solutions and alternatives.

His alternative: Bedazzled shorts and matching t-shirts. A way better offer than just flip-flops and denim shorts, right?

Okay, he's a HUGE jokester as well which must be why he's such a good DJ. I've already seen him in action and Scott and Justice's wedding, so I know he'll be rockin' the Tarpley-Galeazzo reception as well.

Not only is he a great DJ, entertainment coordinator, and calmer-of-the-bride's-nerves but he's also a runner (yes, you are one now!), mountain biker (and sometimes mountain biker faller-offer), and just great guy!

So, thanks for calling to make sure I'm alright. I will be. As soon as I have those dresses in my hand, or a brand new Bedazzler...whichever gets here first!!

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DKH Entertainment Group said...

awww, shucks!! I can't wait for your wedding. We're gonna have fun!!!