August 26, 2008


Is it too late to make that "45 days until I get married" into "455 days"??

Everytime I look at that little counter (since it hit about 53 days) I get this little palpatation in my chest.

I don't know why I'm getting so freaked out. Maybe it's because I want everything to be p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

And the place where the bridesmaids got there dresses called today to tell me that they were closing. For good. And wanted to be paid in advance. WTF?

So, here I sit surrounded by wedding crapola that needs to be finished.

And Labor Day Road Race crapola that needs to be finished.

And Dent Tricks crapola that needs to be finished.

And I just want to go home (to my mom) crying about it all.

Scratch that. There's no way I'm going back home. Love my mom. Enough said.

So, I guess maybe I just want to sit down in the floor and have a good "when will this crapola be over with" cry.

I'll get on that right after dance lessons. That I didn't study for (yes, there is homework!)

On another note, I made my lazy behind get out of bed this morning and do hill repeats on the dreadmill. It's too dark and scary out at 5:30am and I was sick of getting up every morning to do wedding and/or Labor Day Road Race crapola. So, I ran. What a novel idea.

On another note, please please please please please keep my bridesmaid-ho Sandra (seen here) in your thoughts, prayers, yoga mediation, and any other crazy baby-making vibes you can muster up. In addition to having her dear bassett's gonads chopped off today(go look and you'll see why they are going to miss them so much) , she's got some nerve wracking stuff to deal with in the next 48 hours and needs your good positiveness around her. So, go to her blog and tell her how big Rufus's balls are...oh, and wish her good baby making luck too!


Phil said...

I know it's hard to believe, but your wedding will be perfect as long as the two of you end up married. You'll forget about all the junk that adorns a wedding soon eneough and just remember the feelings.

Have a good cry and move on. You''ll be fantastic. Heck ... the weather will be getting cooler soon.

Jim said...

Take a breath. C'mon, not those little short, shallow, fish gulping for air breaths. I mean a big, deep, soul cleansing breath. It is easy to get overwhelmed and I feel for you. I came out here looking for peace (because I've sort of had a little panic) and here you are ringing your hands! Stop it, girlfriend! You've planned and wanted this for so long. Like Phil said, the important thing is to enjoy each other and the moment. Believe it or not, the other stuff will take care of itself . . maybe not the way you'd like, but it will work out.

Now if you want to have something to get nervous about, ask me what kind of creepy crawlies are running around in my head!!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect...heck, we don't need perfect. Just give your guest beer and they'll remember it as perfect. Think of all the time and $ you can save that way! :-)


Amy said...

Dang you guys are great! Thanks for putting it into perspective!

And Jim, I'll send you an email about creepy crawly things!?!?!?!

jeff said...

if you click on that link to sandra's site RIGHT NOW, you'll get a picture of dog balls.

some friend you are. ;)