July 02, 2008


Sometimes they say older equates with wiser...not on this day.

A few days ago my brother suggested that I practice riding my new bike (ie, getting used to clipless pedals) in the neighborhood directly behind mine. Since I believed that he was an older-wiser brother, I took his advice. Note: I don't ever run or drive in that neighborhood so I thought he was giving me sound advice....

And I really only have one question for him: What part of that neighborhood looked like a good place to practice clipping in and out??? The entire neighborhood is 2 small streets...both intersecting the other...on top of a hill...on top of a HUGE hill...on all four sides...and at the top of the hill is a stop sign. So, the premise of coasting down one big hill, to gain speed for the next big hill didn't really work...because of that pesky stop sign. I made it exactly 1 mile before I decided that I was not ready for all of that. And I decided that maybe I shouldn't have run 3 miles before deciding to climb those hills. I also decided that there is quite a possibility that I might not be in as good of shape as I thought I was. And that there is nothing wrong with one of those cruiser bikes with fat tires for riding on FLAT ground. Finally, I decided that while my brother is old(er), he is not always wiser.

He's going to kick my butt next week on the Silver Comet Trail...I can already feel it.

Last weekend in Savannah was a blast. We never made it to River Street (but really, once you've been've sortof been there...and if you're not there to get rip-roaring drunk it's not that much fun). This time we rented bikes and toured the fair city...looking for condos (yes we want to move there) and stopping at our leisure for beers (yes, I had a Boddington's on draft)and shopping (yes, I had a basket on the front of my bike...). Troy had ANOTHER mishap with a bike...his exact words when we left the bike shop: "I'm on vacation and I will NOT be pushing my bike!" Ask him about how he realized he had a flat tire at the corner of Bay St and Bull St and pushed his bike all the way back to the bike shop which is right across from the interstate on-ramp (ie, several blocks guessed it...pushing his bike!) Other than that, the weekend was perfect. We got a run in around Forsyth Park, had fabulous breakfasts at the Forsyth Park Inn and just was nice to get away for a few days!

I leave on Monday for a 2 week TDY so the blogging may be minimal...just depends on the internet connection up there. My plans are to run, run, run (I got the all-clear from d-0-c yesterday so I'm ready to get my mileage back) and to ride, ride, ride because I want to at least make it 30 of the 100 miles we are supposed to ride on August 8....

Have a great weekend and in addition to celebrating 4th of July (for the peeps in the US), please also celebrate the fact that in 2 days we will begin the 100 days of Amy's Wedding Countdown!


Bryan said...

Ok, in my defense I only went down one street in that neighborhood and that was because I missed your driveway due to the lawn service blocking it with their mower. I assumed (yes I know what they say about assuming) since you live a few hundred feet from the main entrance to the neighborhood that you had actually been in it before. My mistake! Here is another sound piece of advise from your old(er) brother; As you are learning the ins and outs of your new bike along with your capabilities on that bike, get in the car and find a good training route prior to starting a ride.

Stefanie said...

two things about your post

#1- You can not move to Savannah. Seriously... Macon needs you. OK well MTRC needs you.

#2- Much more exciting than the 100 day mark is the double digits mark. Congrats you are almost there.

Sarah said...

Hooray, you're almost there!

I practiced clipping in and out on silver comet because there are several intersections where you have to stop. Each one, I would approach saying clip out, and it would good practice to get in and out each time. Once you are comfortable with that, then throw in a small hill or two. It's a little tougher clipping in while on a hill, but I really think it's all mental. I've slowly been overcoming that lately.