July 05, 2008


For the last 2 days I have hand addressed all the inner and outer envelopes for the wedding...using the "Troy Calligraphy Font"...that's the font that he told me I should use originally but I swore I was going to learn "real calligraphy". That idea flew out the window exactly 12 minutes into the "Calligraphy for Dummies" book I wasted money on. Just so you know, I have an extremely neat handwriting (some people can't tell between my writing and computer printed writing) so addressing the envelopes in a pretty, neat manner wasn't really a problem. The problem was that I had to address 141 outer envelopes and 141 inner envelopes. Oh, and also, just so you know...I'm extremely organized and that's why I'm done with the invitations 54 days before they will actually go in the mail.

I noticed some interesting things addressing these 42 of the invitations are being sent to single people (divorced and widowed included). Granted most of these people probably have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but just in case you fall into the singleton crowd: 43% of them are male, while 57% are female...yes, I will post pictures of that bouquet toss because it looks like we might have a brawl on our hands!

Additionally, I noted that 2 people who don't know each other live on the same 2 different states. If we were doing a seated dinner with place cards, I'd probably put them at a table together and see how long it took for them to figure out that they live on the same street....

Speaking of states:

Less than one percent of the invitations are going either overseas or to New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, California or Tennessee...which I find odd since we live so close to Tennessee but only know 2 people there?

Two to four percent of the invites are going each to Alabama, Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, or South Carolina. Another oddity...we are inviting more people from Arizona than we are from Alabama or Missouri. And neither of us have lived in Arizona but Troy was born in Alabama (yes, the Alabama jokes may begin) and I was born in Missouri (I think only people in Iowa or Illinois make Missouri jokes, and both of those states were not represented in the official invite list).

Eight percent of the invites are going to Florida, and twenty percent to North Carolina (where Troy lived most of his life), and a whopping 87 percent are staying right here in Georgia.

And yes, I have way too much time on my hands...although you wouldn't ever know that by the way my day planner looks...


Firefly's Running said...

I would prefer cheating by using labels myself. I tend to throw tradition out the window.

Stefanie said...

Bwhahahahahaha... Statistics, I love it!!!!!

That totally sounds like some information my husband would compile

Troy Tarpley said...

Easy Trigger! You mean to tell me we're to get married in three months and after all this time we've been together you don't know where I was born????? It WEREN'T Alabama! Geeez! I was born right here in Georgia, about 45 minutes south of where we live. You just looked at my birth certificate last week and commented on me being born at 3:09 AM. Georgia honey...Georgia.

Now for our friends Scott and Jennifer who just moved to Alabama.....let the jokes begin.

Bryan said...

Do you know why all the trees in Georgia lean to the west? Because Alabama SUCKS! Just thought I would throw that in.