July 08, 2008


Sorry guys, but as the blessed day gets closer, you will probably find more and more wedding related posts...I promise if you hang in there through the wedding I will send you your very own book of matches that say:

Troy and Amy
October 11, 2008

Or, if we run out, you'll get some beautiful paper napkins* with the same inscription on them.

Without further ado, I would like for you to go read this article. CLICK HERE (I really really want you to read the article) It's giving me some ideas. And I really really really need for you to look at all of the pictures (click the camera icon below the big picture). This happened in our very own "neck" of the woods and I can't believe I missed it....(and really, if you go read the story AND look at the pictures, you will get one of the above mentioned gifts...valued at...oh...about 32 cents). I promise. Just email me your address and a brief synopsis of the article and the matches and/or napkins* will be yours (you like how I threw the "and" in there...don't you?).

A taste of the article: "When asked why they wanted to do it the bride replied: "Cause we're rednecks. It seemed like the appropriate place," said the new Mrs. Robert Sprague, "and we get to be on TV." I'm totally digging on the "we get to be on TV" part....

Also, just as a side note, I started a new blog. If you're so inclined, you can find it on my dashboard: Confessions of a Compulsive Planner. It might be a good read....but not better the article mentioned above.

So STOP reading and go look at that article already!

*We are really having cloth napkins and I'm sure the linens place would like us to return all 200 of the napkins options was just blog filler. But, we do have matches!


jeff said...

diggin' on the col. sanders beard on that guy. seriously...dixie flags, old tennis shoes and belly piercings? she just raised the bar on wedding attire, amy. what are YOU going to do to top THAT?

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting on my wedding! Didja like my colorful under britches? It just drives the Colonel crazy!

Well, we are going to hitch up the trailer now and go on our honeymoon over to the crick to do some bass fishin'.

See you when you get back from your TDY.