July 09, 2008


Okay, so I think two back-to-back posts about wedding stuff is a little unnecessary on my running blog (and NO I am not about to start a wedding blog...)

This week running has been not what I wanted it to be, but exactly what I expected. I'm away from a big city...a part of it that I'm terribly familiar with...and well...I'm a big scaredy cat. So there.

Tuesday morning I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and thought I was going to die. Or cut my wrist. I couldn't decide if the lingering remnents of my cold were worse than running in place for 30 minutes. They both sucked. So, I gave up (YES, I said GAVE UP) at 2 miles and called it a morning.

Today, I had grandious plans to stop being Chicken Little and go run the Silver Comet Trail...all by myself...on the busiest section I could find (I validated that piece of info with my dear sweet brother). Of course, the weather had different plans for me. I have one question: Does it rain and lightening and thunder (yes, I know those are not "real" verbs) EVERY DAY in Marietta? Just wondering because it has every day since I've been here. Puts a huge damper on any evening running I might want to do.

So, I slugged it out on the treadmill...again...this time though I was sneaky. I found a good chick flick (Picture Perfect with Jennifer Anniston) on my TV upstairs and prayed that no one was in the fitness center so that I could tune into the chickity-flickty. My prayers were answered and I immediately settled into a nice rhythm on the dreadmill. I even thought to myself that maybe I could run more on the treadmill if I was watching a good movie...and then some guy came in to ride the stationary bike (Jim #1) and we started to chat and before I knew it I had run 3 whole miles on that dreadful piece of machinery. As I got off the treadmill Jim #2 came in and we all had a nice chat about orthotics, good and bad shoes, and other general foot issues (they are here for a podiatry clinic of some sort).

I lifted some weights...did some core work on the floor...and then headed up to the managers reception for an icy cold beer! I was immediately carded (thanks) and didn't have my ID on me (who would in the hotel gym?) and laughed at the guy who carded me (who looked like he wasn't even old enough to be serving beer). I proclaimed that I'd go get it, "but I AM 32!" He got red in the face, gave me the beer, while some other guy enjoying his beer said "Congratulations!" I'm not sure if that accolade was for actually getting the beer or looking so very much younger than 32. I'm going to assume it was the later...

So, I'm off to the showers and then going to curl up to some good-bad-for-me-tv and my beer. And nothing else.

What a life...I could really get used to this...

Tomorrow I'll try SCT again...keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain AGAIN.


Julianne said...

hi! i just stumbled upon your blog and noticed we have a lot in common! we both like running and we're both getting married soon. actually, i'm getting married in less than 30 days and have a marathon coming up in 25 days. i throw in little bits and pieces of my fiancee in my writing but maybe i should write more. ;-) good luck on both your upcoming race and your wedding planning (i totally understand)!!

Brian said...

I've been on vacation for two weeks and I haven't been able to read blogs, but today I see your counter is below ONE HUNDRED days, OMG.

You can talk about running, but we all know whats on your mind.

Enjoy the ride, its going to get crazy soon, but enjoy it.