July 28, 2008

74 DAYS!?!?!?!?!?!?

Holy crap.

That's all I can think when I see "74 Days". Especially when I feel like I've got 174 days worth of things to be done. Yikes! Oh, and that doesn't count the time I've spent changing things that I thought I had finalized because, hello, I've been to two weddings in two weeks, and both have made me change plans on a few, oh, I don't about an outdoor reception rather than an indoor know...small changes.

Okay, so what have been doing:

1. Regretting registering for Disney. Not because I don't want to run another marathon. But, because I totally forgot how much I dislike Disney stuff....Lordy what was I thinking?

2. Riding my bike. Yes, the saddle and I have been spending some quality time together and my butt has expressed a small bit of fondness for this thing. First we went to Tsali a few weeks ago, and I totally forgot to post about it...but here's the short story: it took us (me) about 2 hours to go 7.5 miles. Yes, I suck at mountain biking. But, no one mentioned that 9,000 foot drop off that never left the right corner of my eye. Me + Being Clipped In + Not Having Any Experience on the Bike X 9,000 foot (or really close to that) drop = One Scaredy Cat Girl Named Amy. It was beyond Bad. I felt really bad for Troy but being the good sport that he always his, hung in there with me and never complained once about how slow I was going. Or that time when I just decided to get off the bike and sit down. Nope. Not one complaint.

3. Riding my bike like I know what I'm doing. This weekend we went to the US National Whitewater Park outside of Charlotte, NC. About a mile of man-made whitewater, 12 miles of trails, lots of rock climbing, rope walls, and some good beer in the little restauarant. This time, I totally rocked the trails AND managed to A) Stay clipped in the entire ride and B) Not fall and bust my butt once. I rocked it like a true rock star and was way proud of myself. Troy kayaked the whole day and every 20 minutes or so I could exit the trail and get a glimpse of him paddling like the rock star that he is. There is something about that PFD and those nose plugs that get me every time.

4. Going to lots of weddings. It's like people are begging me to find reasons to make changes to my hindsight I should have just sent a gift and stayed home because lord knows how many more changes I'm going to make in the next 74 days.

5. Running. Yes, I'm actually getting some quality mileage in and I couldn't be happier. I discovered that if I start going into work an hour later (and yes, that means I have to stay an hour later), I can get in a good run around 6am. LL Cool J, the coolest math teacher ever, has been running with me so that has really helped. And she kicked my butt on some hills right in my own backyard (literally). Who knew that such good running territory was less than 1/4 mile from my driveway? Oh. LL did.

6. Finishing the my last official act as a graduate student. And yes, you are not mistaken when you remembered that I posted pictures of my graduation a few months ago. But, I had one class left to take and tomorrow...TOMORROW. I will officially be done. And I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever go back to school again. Really. Ever.

7. Getting more pictures taken. I've had two bridal portrait sessions and for a fleeting moment decided that I was going to quit my job and become a super model. I've changed my mind on that for the time being...maybe I'll revisit it after the wedding, but lord knows I don't need to put ANYTHING else on my plate right now. Like becoming a super model. I wish I could post the pictures on here, because you too would say I should be a super model.

8. Deciding that everyone is going to wait until August 30 to register for the Labor Day Road Race. I guess since I'm in charge of registration...and I've got a slight case of planning OCD...I felt like everyone should be registered by now. I guess I was wrong. C'mon and register people so you can make my life a teensy tiny bit easier in 3-4 weeks (or not....I know it's just me....believe me...I know it's just me). Heck, Troy hasn't even registered yet!

I think that's it. You would think for someone who has so much on their plate, that I sure do find alot of time to go out of town...I'm wondering how I do that too. In two weeks is the 100 mile bike ride I've signed up for. My goal is to make it 30 miles. And then get in the truck with Sandra and drink beer. That's my goal. The next weekend is Troy's batchelor party so I guess I'll have to find something to keep myself occupied while he's gone (right). Then Labor Day Road Race and all that goes on with that. My batchelorette party...all all that goes on with that. Then the Buckhead Sizzler 10k in Atlanta, my bridal luncheon, and the wedding. I can't believe I can sum it all up in a sentence or two. Wow. Time flys when you're not thinking about it.

Tell me I'm crazy: Jeff Galloway is hosting a 5k (or is it a 10k) here locally the day of the wedding. Who wants to make bets that I can run the race and be at the hair place in time to be transformed into a supermodel?

Tell me I'm lucky: today marks 3 years ago that Sandra and JB introduced Troy and I to each other. The best match makers ever! I'm lucky to have Troy...yes, I know that. But I'm also lucky to have such good friends too! Thanks guys! You've made the last three years the best EVER!

So, there's the skinny on me. Now I'm going to bed because Sunshine Leora will be here in a few hours to kick my butt for making her get up so early :)

Editors note: the editor decided it was time to go to bed and said screw the proofreading...just deal with the typos, misspelled words, and extremely ungrammatical sentences...and the word ungrammatical.


Sandra said...

Dear Amy:
First, your entry was so long that every time I read something and thought I should respond or blog to that I forgot what I was going to say because I got distracted reading the next part of your blog entry.
So, 1) you are most welcome for hooking you and Troy up, my pleasure; 2) beware the pervert photographer; 3)yes, of course, you can run the 5k and go to your wedding; 4) bring on the wedding changes, you only live once; 5)congrats for being officially graduated; 6) Justin would probably use grammatical so it's okay; 7) you are a stud for not falling while you are clipped in; 8) your butt will thank you when you are riding 104 from Athens to Macon!
Love ya, mean it!
Your devoted bridesmaid ho,

Phil said...

First ... you are lucky ... finding a man that loves you and will always love you is amazing.

Second ... the wedding thing is bullshit ... yeh, you've been groomed to think that the wedding is important, but in the bigger scheme, it isn't. The next 50 years is what's important. You've got a man that loves you, that's all that's matters.

I've been married for close to 29 years to the same person; wouldn't have it any other way. Can't remember much from the wedding, just doesn't matter in the long run.

Speaking of long runs. If I'd run a race on my wedding day with my spouse, I'm sure I'd have remembered that. Now that's really cool.

Amy said...

Phil, thanks for the PSA on the wedding stuff. I am fully aware that in 2 years I'll remember little from that day except that I married the man of my dreams :) I know people just roll their eyes when they hear how long I took to decide whether I should incorporate pink into the wedding colors. I know it's ridiculous but it really is a fairy tale coming true even if something goes wrong. As for Troy, he'd get married in the backyard tomorrow with 4 or 5 of our closest friends and be done with it...good thing he's not planning it :)