June 06, 2008


Yesterday I was shouting from the rooftops about how pretty I am (or something close to yesterday's post if you're curious).

Today I am screaming about the suckity-suckness that is NOT RUNNING.

I even bailed on my volunteer duties at a local race because I just couldn't stand to see the sight of everyone running. So, because I'm so self-centered, someone may not have gotten a 1/4 full Gatorade cup, or an atta-boy at the exact time that they needed it. And for that, I really do feel horrible.

I didn't think this not-running thing was going to be so dang difficult. I also thought that I would go to my doctors appointment today, where Paul (the PA) would shout "Hallelujah! You're healed!"

He didn't.

Instead he told me that I took twice the amount of the NSAID that I was supposed to and that's why I felt so great for the first week and a half, and felt like poo the last week and a half. I was supposed to have 3 weeks worth. I guess I missed that part in all the "you can't run" mumbo-jumbo.

He also looked at me like a disapproving father when I sheepishly told him that I tried to run on Sunday. Didn't I tell you that? Oh, well, I did try and test the waters...and guess what? They are still cold and achy. By Tuesday I was pretty much back to how I felt 3 weeks ago. Nice, Amy....very nice.

So, apparently I'm not a great patient. And I've got to do this whole not-running thing for another 3 weeks. Actually, I've got to do the NSAID for 3 weeks but I CAN RUN in 10 days!!! (I hear angels singing in 10 days!!) He felt optimistic about the fact that even though I ran, and it hurt, it was not swollen. Nope, not once, not in 3 weeks. So that is a good thing. And makes him think that maybe *hopefully* its just a weird twist or something. I totally think its just a weird twist or something. He also thinks that it's strange that I'm an accountant, yet I took twice as much medicine as was prescribed on the bottle.

Okay, so he didn't say that last part, but I'm sure he and the nurse (Melissa) and her husband (Brian - the PT) had a good chuckle after I left about how smart I am at times...but so ditzy at others. I'm sure that's how their conversation went. Yep. I'm sure of it.

So, stay tuned for another 10 days of whining and complaining and ellipticalling and biking. I will probably try and run on Fathers Day (Sunday the 15th) even though that's 9 days just makes more sense. It's too hard to try and find a time to run on Monday with work and all...besides maybe I can make my debut at our Sunday 7:15am group run...since, sheesh, I haven't been there in months!

Maybe next time I feel inclined to write a post about great and wonderful I am, I will remember this and keep my cocky feelings to myself...karma's not such a nice girl sometimes!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

What can I say? My prayer for you held surgery....unless you go off and try something, um, no-pretty in the next few weeks and not do as the doc ordred you to do! I'll say this with the love and affection that I always say this to dear friends....YA GOOBER! :) In all seriousness, I'm serious! :)

Tell ya what....i'm doing your mileage for you right now ok? So are your other running buddies. Give that knee a rest.

Tommy C

Anne said...

Let's remember that it's that cockiness and stubbornness that keeps PTs and sports medicine doctors in business!

Phil said...

Very few of us are good patients. Hang in there, besides, you've got a wedding coming up. The rest is just fluff. Get yourself better, you've got a whole life in front of you.

Troy Tarpley said...

She really is ditzy sometimes. I could tell you some stories. But, she really is super smart too and I could tell you more stories about that, but they are not as much fun.

Here's one NOT so smart story from yesterday. Amy is making an Oatmeal Stout beer. Yep, homebrewing. I'm sure she will tell you all about it. But, she calls me in to carry it to the basement. I looked at it and thought it didn't look right. She had it completely sealed so no air could escape. A time-bomb waiting to blow up basically. I asked if she was sure and she asSUREd me it was correct. She was like...."don't worry about the extra parts in the box..." or something like that. Extra parts???

I looked and noticed there was a pressure release valve that is a very important part of making beer and AVOIDING an explosion of nearly perfect stout all over the basement.

So....with my little contribution. Very little. Amy should have a perfect batch of ACG Homebrewed Oatmeal Stout in about 6 weeks! I can't wait!! Now we need an 1960's fridge to convert into a kegerator. Sweet.

festplatte defekt said...

I enjoyed to read your post.I am zealous to see your nice moments.he he he.I like your mentality very much.

Tim said...

I've been tagged Amy - I'm tagging you - Details on Decurro Ergo Sum!

Kurt said...

I still think your great. Drugs is a good way to get through the raining pain at times though as well as finding proper rest and recovery

Your still an amazing runner.

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Amy - I still want your autograph.
Hey, at least your vuh-jay-jay didn't have to be removed. Things could be worse - does that make you feel better?
Love you!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

Take good care of yourself and get better soon. Being injured sure does suck, doesn't it.

It isn't really being cocky either, if you are telling the truth. ;)