June 05, 2008


Today, as I stood in the photographer's studio, my hair all doodied up, my makeup looking like something a movie star might have on, and my wedding dress as perfect as I could ever imagine, I realized that I am so lucky. I think I've probably mentioned it on this blog more than once....I've got a great life, and I'm not being braggy, I'm just saying I recognize that I've been extremely blessed with alot of great things. Here are a few that ran through my mind while I played model today:

1. I really am pretty. Especially once someone else does my hair and makeup.
2. I've got a really really great family. I mean sometimes my mother says inappropriate things that make me want to cry or beat her up, and sometimes my parents (when they are in the same room together) eerily remind me of the Costanza's, and sometimes my sister just makes me cock my head sideways because I'm just so confused...but really, despite all of that we are one big happy (and sometimes not so happy) family. In other words, we are intact and have grandious plans of staying that way. I realized all of that while 3 generations of women tried to shove one very large wedding dress back in it's protective bag (me, my mom, and my 83 year old grandmother).
3. I have everything that I could want and I'm only 31 and 11/12 (19 days until the big day).
4. I have a great group of friends that sometimes make me cry (okay, not really) and sometimes make me want to beat them up (okay, really).
5. I have a great job that allows me to take off when I need to or want to, and I get paid extremely well for the amount of effort I have to put into it. And I like it (most days).
6. I really look pretty in my wedding dress (note to the bridesmaids...don't let me get too close to a mirror on the big day...I very well could just stare at myself in it all day).
7. It's not too much to say it again: I look really pretty in my wedding dress.

I wish I could post some pictures because they are going to look great. But, then I really don't want any of you to see me in full-getup prior to the big day. But, believe me, I will be posting some pics shortly after the momentous occasion....just so you can see that I wasn't lying about how pretty I am.

And just for the record, I told my mom that I was being awfully vain by saying how pretty I looked and constantly looking at myself in the mirror...I laughed and said "all brides are pretty, I'm sure of it." Her response? "Not all brides are pretty and not all new born babies are pretty, but they are all loved." How very sweet (although she also said I could be wearing a Kroger sack for a wedding dress and I'd still be gorgeous).

Anyway, I just had a great time today with my mom and grandmother, and I just felt so blessed today that I wanted to share it with everyone else.

Now....let's see if I feel so lucky tomorrow when I go visit the ortho doctor for my knee follow-up! Will let you know the prognosis, unless of course he says I can run again, and in that case you'll just have to catch up with me while I'm RUNNING!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. If you are in the process of getting married, it may not be such a great idea to go see Sex and the City...that's all I'm, that sortof freaked me out for a minute!


leora's blog said...

yeah i hated that movie! so much cheeziness and doubt of what is good! glad you got a moment to appreciate things....sometimes I think those are the best moments of all time.

Kurt said...

I never saw the show so have not interest in the movie.

Yes your lucky, but then so are we your friends. We are very lucky to know you and call you friend.

Fußball Gewinnspiel said...

Really you are so lucky.You getting enough love from your family.