June 03, 2008


Saturday was the 5th annual (I think) Rock n Roll Man Triathlon at Lake Tobosofkee, here in lovely (but tornado-damaged) Macon. I was pretty excited about it because it was my first triathlon viewing, sans TV. They had a Sprint, Half-Ironman, a Duathlon, and an Aquabike race. Troy and a friend of his had already made plans to do the sprint…and several people from the running club were participating in the sprint or as a relay team. I was happy to cheer them on, as in my injured state, I volunteered to be team Mom!

For those of you who know Troy, you already know he didn’t train for this. For those of you who don’t know him, this is what his training log would look like, if he kept one:

Last run – March 9, 2008
Last swim – Sept 30, 2007
Last bike ride – Sept 30, 2007
(coincidentally those last two were at his last triathlon)

Needless to say I went into Saturday and it’s 90+ degree weather, worried about how he’d fare. Luckily his transition area was near the fence (guess that’s what happens when you register the day before) so I got to get a front row seat to the wonder and amazement that is transition. And I could be right there to assess how he was doing (secretly, of course).

The swim went off without a hitch. Other than him getting mad at himself for taking too long to get his wetsuit off, he did really well (for no training in months!). As he took off on the bike, I ran back to my camp area (if I can’t join them I might as well make Jack and Matisse Bars for everyone right?) to watch the half-Ironman competition underway. Troy had already told me that he thought it would take him at the most 45 minutes to finish the bike. So, when everyone else in our group came in, and the time just kept ticking away, I got worried…and more worried…and more worried…at exactly 1 hour and 7 minutes after he left transition (according to my watch), I spotted him off in the distance….coming up the hill towards the transition area….

While I was relieved to see him, I was not prepared for what he was doing!


Huh? I ran towards him to find out what happened (and if physical therapist is reading this, I didn’t really “run”, I merely galloped)…he calmly replied, “I got a flat”…well, I knew he had an extra tube, so I figured it must have just happened, so why waste time changing the tube, when he could more quickly run his bike into the transition area….or that's what I thought….

I ran down to the fence to get a better handle on the situation. As he racked his bike and began to put his socks back on (?) I asked how long he had been pushing his bike….and why he had taken his socks off….

His response?

He had been pushing that bike for 3 MILES!!! (okay, he didn’t scream, but I think I might have!)

3 miles?!?!?!! Why??? 3 miles?!?!?!?! Really???? YOU JUST RAN 3 MILES BAREFOOT PUSHING YOUR BIKE???!!?!?!

I was just floored…as he ran off for his 5k.

Just floored.

And honored that I get to be his wife.

It turns out that he had a blow out and a flat tube. He decided first that he would run in his cleats..which he later decided might ruin them…so he ran in his socks…until he remembered that he had on his commerative Rock n Roll Man Half-Ironman socks…and well…he didn’t want to ruin those…so….


So, if you ever question why I would marry this guy (and I know you wouldn’t really….), you now have your answer! He is truly my hero!


Sandra said...

Troy - can I have your autograph?

jeff said...

woohoo! way to go mr. t! that's a really impressive show of determination.

hey, amy, i posted a messy video on my youtube you might like.

Kurt said...

He is even nuttier than me. I think that is great!

Phil said...

The guy has a lot of heart. I don't know if I'd have run that far bare foot.

Troy Tarpley said...