June 24, 2008


Yes, I do believe 32 is going to be one fine year.....besides getting married, I'm going to become a professional mountain bike rider (just don't tell my day job, okay?)

You can catch me tomorrow night riding around the back yard trying to get used to clipless pedals...or taking those silly reflectors off...but either way, I'll be having F-U-N!!!

By the way...have I mentioned lately how AWESOME TROY IS???


Tim said...

Cool stuff - is it your birthday?

Troy Tarpley said...

Well it was until about 9 minutes ago. I'm looking forward to what she gets into at 32...besides mtn. biking.

Troy Tarpley said...

Oh yeah...upgrades to the bike will commence soon enough. Starting with the seat post and stem...which should both be Thomson to begin with, considering they are the best money can buy and they are made here in Macon, GA. All she needs now is a saddle bag, spare tubes, a Topeak and Camel Back!

Phil said...

Happy birthday ... good news is that you are half way through your current age group and getting faster.

Brian said...

Happy B-Day and nice bike!

I love new bikes, they make me smile.

Looks like you got some nice gear, I love Pearl Izumi, they make the best stuff.

Go ride, and get it all muddy!

Photobuch said...

Happy Birthday!! I wish you all the success in life.Happy blogging:)

Bryan said...

Man, you are getting old!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

If you ever want to head to Bham again, we have GREAT mtn biking trails!!! Miles is a huge mtn biker!!! We would love to have you and Troy!

Kurt said...

Happy B Day. You should do track workout with me for a b day gift! LOL

Your still a kid!

Jim said...

Happy Birthday!

Cool new toy. Love the toys!

clipless pedals. I remember my first serious bike. Lesson I learned the hard way on numerous occasions-"unclip left, lean LEFT". Repeat it at least 10 times during the day so you don't look like a big old goob!

Have fun.