June 23, 2008


Look very you see a problem here? (Click on the pictures for a better view).

If you said "no", well then I like your optimistic outlook on sucky running.

If you said "yes", you must have been one of those countless walkers I ran past this afternoon in that first mile...only to have them smokingly walk past me (and possibly snicker...I couldn't hear over all my huffing and puffing) in mile 4.

Man, I'm glad to be back in the world of running!

No knee problems whatsoever.

This was my "long" run.

Don't laugh.

At one time 4 miles used to seem long for you too.

Have a great week!


Rex said...

In a theoretical 10k, you would have been within 8 minutes of your PR. No, I don't see the problem. Who cares about the walk breaks? This glass IS half full.

Marathoner in Training said...

It is all in prospective, we all have to crawl before we can walk. Sometimes with recovery, we need to take a step back and rebuild up to the running. You did great.

Tim said...

Welcome back Amy!

Kurt said...

This is what training is about. It will come back.