June 27, 2008


So, I took the new bike for a spin around the yard this morning (after my 5 mile I hear a comeback??). I am a pro at this clipless pedal thing. Not one time did I bust my rear...all though I did fall over many times. We've actually got a really hilly yard! I tried to find every little deviation I could find to jump over...because...well..I felt like a little kid again. Troy videoed the inaugural ride so maybe I can figure out how to post videos and everyone can share in the bike love.

We are off to Savannah for the weekend and I have promised Troy that, while the running shoes will be packed, the laptop will stay at home and the email on the blackberry will be will be like living in the cave man days (minus the pints of Boddingtons atop the roof at Churchill's...not sure the cave men drank beer...). I'm looking forward to it!

Next week I'm taking a much needed vacation from work to get wedding stuff done (almost less than 100 days!) and then I'm TDY for 2 weeks...not far...but far enough that I won't be commuting everyday! The upside? My brother says I'll be just a few miles from the start of the Silver Comet you know where you can catch me every afternoon! And he'll be able to meet me over there so that will be cool (don't tell anyone but we are getting ready for a really stupid ride organized by trusty Justy Bear...from Athens to Macon - 100 miles - all on mountain bikes...yes, I have gone from 6 miles on a trail to 100 miles on the road...dumb...well then bring it on!)

I hope you have a great weekend!


Tim said...

"pints of Boddingtons" - Excellent taste in beer!

Have fun in Savannah.

Firefly's Running said...

I hope you had a great weekend!