May 15, 2008


Well, I for one, would!!

Actually the results were inconclusive. Basically, it could not confirm nor deny whether I had a tear in my medial meniscus. Sounds like a politician, rather than a radiologist, read my MRI.

So, what to do now? Well, sit on it for 3 weeks. Take loads of NSAIDs (that technical speak was for Justy Bear), and do some light non-weight bearing stretches twice a day. If after 3 weeks, I still have pain or that stupid (I was calling it "pesky" until now) clicking sound hasn't gone away, then I have to have surgery. Apparentely the surgery is not that bad and according to ortho, it won't ruin my running career. Whew. Good to know that I don't have to find a new job. He even mentioned that Tiger Woods had the surgery too and look at him, right? According to Troy, Tiger is a great golfer, but not an "athlete." That's between Troy and Tiger. Personally, I think Tiger needs his knees, to swing that golf club, as much as I need my knees But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

While he said I can't run, ride a bike, or get on the elliptical, he did say that I could do all the upper body work my little heart could stand. So, while I left his office feeling defeated on the running front, I couldn't help but think I'm going to have the hottest looking arms. Ever.

Until I went to my plastic surgery appointment. And before you cock your head sideways and wonder what "other" kind of work I'm having done, let me clarify that I was seeing the plastic surgeon to have scar revision on the melenoma scar on my left arm. It looks like someone burned me with a cigarette. And with every passing day it's starting to look like someone burned me with a cigar. At any rate, Dr. 90210 did a fabulous job cleaning up that nasty scar, but then told me to lay off of lifting weights or any other strenous activity on that left arm.

So, now I'm back to C-R-A-P. My mom suggested that I could lift weights with my right arm and while doing lunges with my left leg. Nice. Then I will look like the most lopsided bride ever. I also thought this might be a great time to learn how to swim but Troy promptly reminded me that all that chlorine in the pool might not be good for the stitches in my arm (that I don't get out until May 30!)

Sometimes I wonder if it's just my destiny to constantly be injured, laid up, or incapacitated. And then I watched the news and saw the devastation going on all around the world and realized that what ails me is temporary. Temporary peeps.

So, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to eat cake.

Have a great weekend.

Update to this post: I just realized that I've only run 11.5 miles this month...and since my next dr's appt isn't until June 5, it looks like I will have only run 11.5 miles this month. 11.5 miles. I hope that cake is chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Dang! OK, I'll meet you at the track and we'll hop around and build up a good sweat. Then, when we are done hopping we can start doing one handed cartwheels. I think I remember those being lots of fun.

Perhaps we can start a 100 yard one handed cartwheel training program for rehabbing runners.

Sounds like a good think to talk about over lunch this next week! (hint - hint)


Anne said...

A guy I know that had surgery to repair his mensiscus just won the national cross country championships, so all's not lost. Hang in there and rejoice that you have a bona fide excuse to take it easy for a few weeks. (I know, what runner likes to take it easy???)

Tim said...

From one who only recently got back to it after surgery, I know how you feel - but hang tough.

Hope the time passes quickly and plesantly.

All the best!

Melissa said...

WHAT THE HECK??? I'm nowhere near the level you are but I know it about killed me when they told me to take 6 weeks off from running. I sure hope everything goes ok for you! dang chick... =(

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there, Amy!

Bryan said...

Tell Troy that there are a lot of people who think Lance is not an "athlete" because "all he does is ride a bike!". You might consider golf a game and not a "sport" but there is no question that Tiger is an athlete. Look at his college photos and look at him now. He is more athletic than all of us!