May 19, 2008


So, today I went to the gym. Oh no, not to work out, because as you can recall from previous posts I'm not supposed to be doing any lower-body cardio work. Yes, that means no running, no cycling, not even the elliptical. And so this story is definitely not about me.

Nope, I went to the gym today to watch this girl ride a stationary bike for about an hour. What else do I have to do, right? By the way, she looked like me, talked like me, and even laughed at the Mary Tyler Moore cast that were on Oprah today, just like I would have! But, like I said this story is not about me.

At any rate, I watched her ride about 15 miles, which is probably pretty slow, but she looked like it felt great. Actually, she kept having those bubble balloons pop above her head, so I could see exactly what she was thinking! She was thinking that ride a stationary bike wasn't so bad. She was thinking she liked it set on the course route so she could mimic some up and down hills. She was thinking that dang, after all these years, Betty White is still hilarious!

I also noticed that she felt really really bad for me not being able to do any cardio work. She could tell that with each passing day I felt like I was getting lazier and lazier (yes, I know it's only been a week...). She could also tell that I really wanted to ride that bike. And she even offered! But, I politely declined because this story isn't about me. And well, I think my physical therapist reads my blog and he might call me and tell me that I shouldn't be riding the bike. So, again, this story is not about me.

Anyway, from those balloons over her head, I gathered that she really enjoyed herself. And that she was really really really glad to get some sweat equity in for the day. She also wondered if people got veneral diseases from stationary bikes (and wow, that's the part that makes me glad this story is not about me!). She just had a really really good time riding that bike. And while I wish this story was about me, sadly it isn't.

I hope that girl had a good time on the bike today. Stay tuned for tomorrow I'll tell you about watching the girl on the elliptical. Again, not me, but will be a great story!

Note: if I post on here tomorrow that my knee hurts, it is no way related to this post, because like I's not about me.


leora's blog said...

is there a deep meaning in this post? youness of you not being you...sounds like something i would write haha. Yes people get veneral bikes so you should tell "that girl" to get checked out

lastminute ferienhaus said...

I really wanted to ride that bike.

Stefanie said...

I have an idea... Next week come to the tuesday night track workout. Wear sandals so that you are not temped to run.

Next week you can be Leora and play 52 Pickup while Monika, Leora and I work out!!!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

Sorry to here about your serious spill. You take care of yourself.

I hope "that girl" on the bike takes good care of herself and listens to her body.

Many healing thoughts and vibes your way!

versicherungen said...

I hope its a great fun for girls that ride in byk.Some are careful and some are not.