May 25, 2008


Just humor me on this, okay?

Often I receive emails from people wanting me to read their new running book, try their new energy gel, or to plug their new blog. For the most part, I tend to ignore these emails because hey, I'm busy, and well...okay, I'm just lazy in the blogging love department (sometimes). So, when I received an email yesterday that said "From a Norwegian Runner" in the subject line, I thought "great, now I'm being hit up to try some running cruise." I was actually totally shocked to get this email:

"Hello Amy,

I am a two time Olympic runner who has followed your blog for some time now and it has been inspiring to see the lifestyle change you have made."


Olympic runner?

Following my blog?

It has been inspiring?

So, I immediately went to the the only true source of information in this world to determine if this Olympic runner really existed: Google.

And so, I was really shocked to find this. This person really does exist.

And holy moly he's reading my blog!

My first thought, was crap, I really should get some better material on here, because an OLYMPIC RUNNER reads my blog. And then my second thought was now I'm just a few degrees of Kevin Bacon from the Olympics. And from Deena Kastor (sorry Marius). And well, I think that scores me a few more points in the coolness department.

At any rate, he really is real. He really is reading my blog. And he really is concerned about my knee situation (which just validates the fact that he REALLY is reading my blog).

So, let me introduce to you my friend, the two time Olympic runner, Marius Bakken. He is actually in medical school now and has a really cool marathon training website. It's not overwhelming like most, and he doesn't say "run this many miles for this many days." He gives advice based on what stage of running you are in, and to what degree you want to run. His marathon training advice is based on four steps, and he gives insightful articles on each of the four steps. I'm looking forward to actually being able to use some of this advice when I actually get to run again. So, go check it out. You can sign up for his training tips, or just read through the articles. I think you will find, like I did, that it's an easy-to-navigate website full of great information! (his website: Marathon Training Schedule)

Now don't you wonder who's reading your blog??

Have a great Memorial Day! I will still not be running...drats...but I fessed up to the physical therapist about the bike and the elliptical and he said that it will be okay to continue that as long as I have no far as running goes, his advice was "Don't Run!" So, 12 more days until I go back...and let's all hope they tell me I can run again! This not-running stuff is the pits!

Oh, and I'm thinking about getting a new that I know a two-time Olympic athlete is reading my blog, I suddenly feel the need to step-it-up in the blogging any rate, have a great rest of the holiday!


Tim said...

Very cool ... hope you have a speedy recovery and are back on track soon!

Brian said...

You’re a legend.

Come on, if any Olympic runner(s) was going to read a blog, it would be this one.

I hope the knee feels better soon.

Might be a good time to start swimming and riding, and do that first triathlon.

Get better soon,


Anonymous said...

way cool!!
Hope your knee feels better soon!!

Stefanie said...

GAH I want all of the cool offers. Seriously I blog 3-4 times a week and evern review products for newbie runner. Sigh it could be because my blog is hosted by sucky livejournal. Some girls get all the luck ;-)

Congrats on the cool reader. I am tres jealous!

versicherungen said...

Awesome post. I like it. Thanks

Phil said...

Just remember the little-people when you're famous.

Kevin said...

Good post. You've given me an idea for my next one. And I'll be stopping by your blog from time to time.

Anne said...

An e-mail like that would certainly make my day. He sounds like a special athlete to take the time not only to read non-elite's blogs but to e-mail them.

Jim said...


Just don't forget us normal folks!

akademiker krankenversicherung said...

This many miles for this many days." He gives advice based on what stage of running you are in, and to what degree you want to run. His marathon training advice is based on four steps, and he gives insightful articles on each of the four steps.

Kurt said...

I will check it out. Thanks for posting it.

Also great updates on the other site. Very cool what you and Troy have posted so far.

Sarah said...

That's pretty excellent, and true, I wonder who is reading my blog sometimes. Doubtful it's an Olympic Runner though. They would find me dreadfully slow. Hee.

Marius Bakken said...

You gave me a good laugh there about my possible non-existance ;)

Keep up the good work and take good care of that knee.

Sandra said...

Amy - can I have your autograph?