May 06, 2008


Yesterday I had every intention of running 5 miles...that is until Sandra started texting me about party planning and plastic surgery, followed by Justy Bear's text to Cinco de Mayo it (am I allowed to call him that?). So, my 5 mile run turned into a well-run 1.5 mile jaunt on the treadmill. But, it was all worth it because at no other time in my life will I be able to say that I think Sandra should be impregnated with 8 fertile eggs, nor will I get to see her butt. Go read her blog for more really wasn't some Cinco de Mayo celebration gone wrong. I promise. (Sandra Lives Here)

Today I followed that 1.5 mile run with some speedwork. Following Coach Walt's instructions, I am slowly tapering my rest period away between intervals, while maintaining my 400m pace at 2:00 (or thereabout). Maybe it was because I haven't really run in a week (thanks to some pesky stitches), or maybe it was because I just have decided that I've had enough of this complaining-excuse-making attitude, or maybe it's because SCHOOL'S OUT and I feel like I have a life again...whatever it was, it made me happy to run....intervals, no less!

I was a little hesitant because the last time I did speedwork I was pacing at about 2:10, and I'd never run more than 6, so in my excuse-making mind, 7 at 2:00 seemed near impossible.

Well, it wasn't. And it surprised me as much as it probably is surprising you.

Lap 1 - 2:00 HR 183
Lap 2 - 1:53 HR 180
Lap 3 - 1:54 HR 182
Lap 4 - 1:53 HR 185
Lap 5 - 1:56 HR 185
Lap 6 - 2:00 HR 171 (I think that is wrong...)
Lap 7 - 2:01 HR 183

And now that I'm looking at Garmin I see that all laps clocked at .26 or .27 so I guess I ran a tad bit faster than what I posted. I'm more surprised by my heart rate. I was certain that it would be off the charts because...well...I don't know why. That's just what I thought. Based on all of those calculations that are way more sophisticated than I am, my max should be about 184, so I guess things are looking good in that department.

After speedwork Monika and Stefanie and I completed LL's Stadium Workout minus LL. But, in her TRUE school teacher fashion, she left us with instructions on what to do. Seriously, LL, if you were worried AT ALL about your future as a teacher, I would say you have NOTHING to worry about. I was totally impressed with the meticulously typed notes...even down to the instructions for the new exercises, and what we will be working on next week. I honestly thought we would have some diagrams of what you wanted us to do, scribbled down on a dirty napkin. But, WOW, you totally surpassed my expectations...and well...I can only guess that that is why you are going to be a GREAT teacher in a few months! And don't worry, we really didn't enjoy it nearly as much as we do when you are was weird to try and complain to each, when I counted it went something like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, I HATE, LEORA. See, you were still there with us in notes AND in spirit! Hope you are having fun in Oregon!

So, that's it. Tomorrow is an easy 5 miler and I may give lunchtime bootcamp a try. More of the same for the rest of the week, except that I WILL get a long run in on Sunday. And I just can't wait...weird, huh?

Have a great rest of the week!


Christopher said...

have no fear amy...I have my workers watching you i met some running people for this "club" and a I was leaving this teeny weeny woman starts warming up who looks like one of those teeny monsters...the coach man said she was an orphan from cambodia and a week ago ran a 2:40 marathon. Lets put it this way...I ran my cooldown lap as she ran her entire mile. YAALL are official hardcore stitch having overachievers for doign the workout! I couldn't ask for more!

Stefanie said...

Yes yes Leora is going down. How can we hate her and the workout... when she is not there.

Simple. A page long workout done three times.

Leora... you are going down. LOL