May 13, 2008


Just when I get all motivated to run, and really accomplish something running, I hurt myself. Well, at least this time it wasn't my was the "asphalt's".

(By the way, Sandra, that is your joke for the day.)

At any rate, I fell two weeks ago and everything seemed to be falling back into place as far as healing goes: stitches? look great. shoulder? never felt better. hand? ready as ever to wear that pretty engagement ring. knee? oh, yeah, I forgot I hurt that too.

Actually, the knee seemed fine. I did 7 x 400 last Tuesday and felt like Speed Racer. On Thursday I decided for a very slow and easy 5 miles. About 3 miles into it, I noticed my knee, in the place that had been bruised and scraped, hurt...a little. So, I walked. And ran. And walked to finish that 5 miles. I decided to rest Friday since it still hurt...a little. Saturday I rested as well, only because it was the first day of never going back to school again (ie, graduation was on Friday), so I figured I owed it to myself. Sunday, I vowed to run 9 but was awoken to this. And then I had Mother's Day lunch to cook for really, I'm not sure why I didn't run...but I'm glad I didn't...because by Sunday night my knee was back to being black and blue and feeling like someone just hit it with a baseball bat.

Monday, I called my favorite physical therapist, Brian, who got me in to see the doc. Apparently, he thinks I may have a torn meniscus, at the worst, and some inflammation of something that i don't know how to spell, at best. His exact words were "how long until your next marathon?" Those are never comforting words. I had an MRI last night (why are they so noisy?) and will get the results and decision on what to do on Thursday. For now, it looks like no running, which just makes me feel like I could hurt someone. I was cleared for bike and elliptical so this afternoon I took my frustrations out on an unsuspecting stationary bike, elliptical, and then a recumbent bike...only because I'm an overachiever and if I can't run, I might as well make sure I touch every piece of gym equipment I'm allowed on.

I've been a complete butt-head the last few days (and yes, Bryan, I am aware that you think I've been a butt-head for the last 32 years, never mind the last few days). But 3 days without power makes me cranky...who knew? And now this whole knee thing has made me even harder to deal with. I feel really bad for Troy (honestly. I really do.) and am going to try and put on a happy, optimistic face...or at the very least, fake it.

Keep your fingers crossed that it just inflammation in my neuromatrix.

And keep all these folks that have been devastated by Sunday's tornadoes in your thoughts and prayers.


Firefly's Running said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated.

Lesley said...

Oh, ouch, no fun! Hd a similar experience with my last fall--while my face took the brunt of the fall (no stitches, but a broken nose), my knee ended up being hurt too. What a stubborn body part when it comes to healing! Grrr. I am back to running now, and you will be too. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

(In the mean time, working out on the other machines will help a lot!)

Kredit ohne Schufa said...

Dont worry...everything will be normal again.Keep posting.I will wait for your nice post and good news.

Sandra said...

Amy - did your ass make you fall? You could get a back up beeper for it.

Stefanie said...

Big Hugs... Wait did Brian clear you for Leora's "Kick your butt" workout? I mean, that is super important!

Let me know if you need anything