April 12, 2008


Well, another festival that is probably going to get rained out...but unlike prior races (last week) I decided not to chicken out on the rain and take my chances that there would be no thunder during the race.

I sortof knew I wouldn't have a 5k PR, even though I really think it's about time that I cut a few minutes off of my overall time. But I figured with a little strategy building I could quite possibly eek out a PR on the race itself. Last year - 27:54. This year - 27:14. Success feels good.

Although I came in 40 seconds faster, my strategy didn't work so well. First my Garmin shouted "low battery" as soon as I turned it on. Thanks, oh thanks thanks thanks to Karate Girl (or Speedy Girl, depending on if she's getting a ticket or not!), she let me use her Garmin. I guess I just looked that pitiful. So, Garmin situation averted, but my overall strategy was to run to run a 10:00 mile, a 9:30, and then a 9:00. It wouldn't have given me any shot at any sort of record but I would have finished strong and got a good run in. But, instead it sortof went like this: 8:34, 8:54, 9:46. Hmmm...that sortof posed a problem with my strategy, but it got me a PR and I'm still able to talk about it, so I guess it's all good.

Now, if I can get all 3 of those miles to stay around 8:34 then I'll be in business.

The rain held off until the awards ceremony, where I was certain that I was getting 3rd place for my age, but got beat out by a mere few seconds. And I was pacing that girl until the end, I just didn't think she was in my age group! That's what I get for assuming. My 7 year old nephew wanted to know why I just didn't run faster than every one else...then I wouldn't have to worry about whether she was in my age group....ahhhh, if all of life was just that easy.....words of wisdom from a 7 year old.

Troy is still covered up with work so he didn't get to run this one. Maybe next time.

Well, I'm off for my post-Cracker Barrell nap. Have a great weekend!


Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on the PR!

Anonymous said...

what great running!!!!!!

Marathoner in Training said...

That was great, and six months before your wedding. 182.? days away

Sandra said...

Good thing you came in 4th, that's the position that gets honorary Dogwood Queen. Run on Queen Amy!

Sandra said...

Hey Amy - I just had a brilliant idea. Next time you are running a race, pretend The Foot is after you, and you will surely win!

Kurt said...

Awesome race girl! You kicked arse and did great. Your nephew is right in so many ways. I should listen to him myself.

Melissa said...

yes, I was haulin' tail... too bad it was driving and not running! thanks again for you and Troy coming out on Saturday for the grill out. It was good times!

Lesley said...

Yippee on the PR! 40 seconds is a good chunk of time to lop off your previous PR. Congratulations!

Brian said...

Good weekend, PR, Cracker Barrell nad a NAP. That sounds like a real good weekend.

I Daughter always asks if I won, and I kills me to say no.