March 27, 2008


So, after my final pitty party last night, I have officially decided what I'm going to do about my lack of running mojo. I told Troy today that it seemed so much easier to run when I had something to run towards, so towards something I'm gonna head.

I'll let you know next week, after I complete one full week of training, what exactly I'm training for.

I know. It's killing you.

Instead of thinking about how mean it is for me to wait a week to drop the bomb, think about this: In less than 200 days I'll be Mrs. Troy Tarpley (ha...first time I've ever said that!)

Speaking of which, I have OFFICIALLY decided that the old saying "behind every good man, is a good woman" is TOTALLY TRUE. I have found myself over the last 2 weeks continually asking myself "what would Troy do without me?" That sounds vain, but really it's not because I know where he'd be if he didn't have me: working somewhere until well after midnight, on an empty stomach, in dirty underwear. His bills probably wouldn't be paid on time and he would wake up tomorrow to find that he had run out of coffee. His subcontractors wouldn't be paid so extremely timely (they're even like "really? already a check?). He wouldn't be smiling, the grass would be knee high, and his eyes would be blood shot all the time. He wouldn't have time to do any wedding planning (oh, wait that still doesn't happen), nor would he have time to enjoy a beer or two. Yep, that's what Troy would be doing if he didn't have me :) Ask him. He'll tell you it's ALL TRUE.

So, stay tuned until next week when I officially announce my running (or not [insert some ewwws and ahhhh]) plans.

Have a great Friday!


Sarah said...

Wow - it's coming up fast!!! I'm so thrilled for you. And, uh, on the edge of my seat!! Come back soon with your secret.

Anne said...

Another Georgian blogger I read is getting married too and trying to summon enthusiasm for her upcoming marathon. There's a lot competing for attention, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! The times does really go fast. Enjoy the time and happy planning!

leora's blog said...

what is this not ____ plan? The suspense is killing me! Thanks for withstanding my spontaneous social awkwardness and polish style joke/fighting with bobiatch!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Mojo...seems to be going around these days. can't wait to see what's in store for you!!

Stefanie said...

I think your goal should be to run a sub 5 hour at ... DISNEY!!!

Come on you know you wanna. Plus I am running it and it will be my first. I need your motivation.

Just make sure you wait at the finish line for me. I am shotting for sub 6 but that is a very very lofty goal.

Kurt said...

I am curious of course how and what your big plan on the running is.

I do know Troy is a very lucky and obviously happy to have you in his life. You two will be so great for each other.