March 22, 2008


It's not often that I say a day is p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

I mean really. I often feel like I'm on that never-ending quest for a perfect day, only to have another hum-drum day that was not nearly perfect.

But, today. Well, today was a different story. And while I typically envision my perfect day as being able to check everything off of my to-do list, well that didn't happen today, and yet it was still perfect.

Have I mentioned yet that it was a perfect day?

It started with getting my oil changed. While that task in of itself is not perfect, it did help me to be able to check at least one thing off of my to-do list. When I arrived the service tech told me it would be an hour and a half before they could get it done. What? Why did I bother scheduling an appointment if all those other people without appointments managed to sneak in ahead of me? I didn't get too upset but it did bug me a bit. Had it not been for the coupon I was using (something else on my to-do list "use that coupon") I would have gone somewhere else. But, it did give me plenty of time to get a run in. Thank you handy Garmin to let me know that I clocked 4 miles while my oil was getting changed. I thought about running all the way up to Cracker Barrel and having breakfast and walking it off on my way back, but then I got a little nervous about spending so much time on Riverside Drive...especially given that I didn't have my cell phone, my pepper spray, or that no one (other than the service tech) knew I was out there. I just couldn't shake this feeling that it would be a good day to get abducted, so I opted to just run around some apartment complexes and neighborhoods close to the dealership. It was a gorgeous morning and I forgot my ipod so I only had my thoughts to keep me company for 40 minutes.

It was very refreshing (I can't think of a better word) to just be out there, killing time, getting a good run in, and spending a little quality time with myself. It was just nice.

I then went to Run Fit (my foot has started to hurt again, and while I tried using Spencos for oh, like a day, I thought maybe they could tell me that I needed new shoes or something). They weren't open yet so I went to this new-old deli (the location has been several coffee shops/delis/etc, just not the current deli). Anyway, I had a great little breakfast sandwich and a giant coffee and read the paper. Another perfect part of the morning because I'm usually scarfing my smoothie down in the car, and I typically only have time to read the paper online. Then I went to Run Fit, and thank goodness, they told me I didn't need new shoes. I'm going to try some new inserts and see if that works.

Back home, I decided I would work in the yard. It's been years since I just got out and did yardwork. I was so excited (I know....). I trimmed all the bushes along the front and reshaped the boxwoods (hate boxwoods). Then I ordered some pinestraw and had it delivered. I raked out all of the years of underbrush and spread new pinestraw. I ended my blissfulness in the yard by potting some petunias to line the front steps. Oh, I also pulled more weeds than I'd ever like to think about and picked up most of the pinecones and sticks from the yard. I just never got tired of doing it.

I ended my peaceful day by having a Frosty for dinner.

What a perfect little day :)

I hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow...or if you don't celebrate, I hope you have a great Sunday.

I should be doing some sort of long run in the morning but given that the Easter Bunny will be here earlier than I'd get my run on, the Easter Bunny just might win. Besides, Troy has been working his tail off with all the hail we've had here recently and he is going to take a few hours off tomorrow so if that means I forgoe the run to spend time with him, then so be it. And as if I didn't have enough excuses, but I think I need to address this foot situation with a little more intensity than I have been giving it. While I was running this morning, it dawned on me that I did the same thing when I tore my pereneal tendon...I just ignored it, tried to suck it up, etc only to be put in a cast for 6 weeks. I think I'll give it some much needed rest and see how it feels on Monday. Blah.


Anne said...

I've noticed the same thing when I get my oil changed, so I stopped making appts. and just tried to be first in line on weekends.

Happy Easter to you, Amy!

leora's blog said...

happy easter amy! glad to see the grove of spring is making its way into your life! Money in da bank!

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