March 26, 2008


I know everyone keeps telling me that it's "normal" to feel less-than-ambitious about running right after I've run a marathon, but what gives? I'm sorta tired of feeling like I would rather do homework than train for another marathon. And yes, I've checked...and no, I don't have a fever.

Maybe it's because I haven't found "the race" to train for. Or maybe it's because I know I need to work on everything running related and that overwhelms me...the part about trying to narrow it down so that I can work on one thing at a time-that's what overwhelms me.

I may have had this feeling last year but totally forgot about it because my only goal was to finish the marathon in one second less than I finished the last one. I thought that would be easy...boy, was I wrong.

At any rate, I wish I could just decide on whether I want to get faster, be able to run longer (who's up for an ultra?), or just be content knowing that my 10+minute pace will still keep me thin and heart healthy.

I guess I really need to figure out why I run at all. I mean my blog screams that "I run because I can", or at least I think it does.

But, really. Why am I running? Am I running so that I will be healthy and not die of heart disease? Am I running because I secretly want to be competitive with all those people who don't run? Am I running to see what I'm made of? Why do I do it, week after week, month after month?

I think if I can figure out the answer to that question, then I can decide what I'm going to do next: train to be speedy, train to go long, run just for the sake of it....

And why do you run?


leora's blog said...

such a good post! I dunno for me its just having some kind of routine or plan and it somehow testing me or making sure I work hard, actually I have no idea! I'm gonna go back and think about it, I have a question to pose back to you, what were the moments when you got motivated, the first, and second, and ... times?

Amy said...

I got motivated the first time on pure adrenaline. I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into so the only thing I had was adrenaline and motivation. The second time the only motivation I had was knowing that on Sunday I could run long with you crazies. I don't think I was ever motivated to run Snickers, but was more motivated to be a part of the crowd (wow...never knew I was such a follower!).

This time I'm going to be motivated to do something get faster, become a maniac, or something else like that. I learned my lesson from Snickers that experience will not be the only factor that helps me cross the finish line, but motivation to do something BETTER is what is going to get me across in a faster time.

Wow, did that make any sense at all??

leora's blog said...

perfect sense....Let me know how I can aid your quest...this way you have the best of both worlds....crazies and motivation to do different things...I can have you in the WNBA in under a year! or whatever....haha its all fun

Kurt said...

We all go through the ups and downs of motivation. It will come back.

Think twin city marathon the week before your wedding!