March 24, 2008


Today I had a slight nervous breakdown at work. I think I was just tired, and sleepy, and tired. But someone who had already made me mad last week thought they would get it started early this morning. He had no idea I came into work today with a "take no prisoners" attitude. Too bad for him. My supervisor immediately ran over with a bag of Easter chocolates that the Easter Bunny was late delivering, but couldn't have come a moment sooner. Someone on my cubicle lane would have been my next victim...I'm sure of it.

I wish I knew how to handle stress better. I wish I wasn't so dang organized that a slight deviation in my organization sends me into a crazy tail spin where I tell people that maybe they should just find a new job rather than continue griping about it. I wish I could just take everything with a grain of salt and move on. I wish now that I'm sitting here on the sofa in complete silence that I didn't feel guilty for blogging when wedding planning stuff is sitting at my feet saying "we're not going to get done by ourselves."

I hope everyone had a good Easter. I ate too much but that was to be expected. I had some of the standard Easter Bunny cake, except this year my mom stepped it up a bit and made the bunnies inside's strawberry cake, because like my nephew said "if you really cut into a bunny it would be RED not white". I guess his logic really makes more sense, but that still doesn't explain the knife that sat in the bunnies back the entire day. I kept waiting for someone to take it out, laugh about stabbing the bunny and move on, but instead my wacky family just continued on with their day, like...well, like there wasn't a knife stuck in the bunnies back. Or that the bunny had red eyes. I guess only in my family would my mom make a real-life replica of a bunny, and reheat green bean casserole from Christmas (really...who was she trying to fool?).

Oh well, back to another week. Hope it's a good one.


Kurt said...

Hmm, a little bunny killing for easter! Better the bunny cake than the annoying person in the cubicle row.

Relax, breathe and go for a run. You have a lot of things going on with the wedding, running, work, school and life. It will all pass and things will come together for you.

If all else fails, eat chocolate.

Firefly's Running said...

Chocolate therapy always helps!