March 08, 2008

The Forsythia Festival 5k Race Report

Yikes! 2 races in one week! Who would have thought....


Who would have thought that today, in March, in Georgia, which happens to be in the South where it's usually hotter than hades, that today in a race we would have had to deal with SNOW?????


Besides the snow flurries (and actually the "real" flurries didn't grace our presence until after the race was over), there was a 40MPH headwind for half the race.

So, the race report. My first race that I actually waited until race day to register. Which I won't do anymore because I didn't get a t-shirt (like I needed another one) because I registered late. I also didn't get the Tracks $1 discount because apparantely that only applies if you register early. Okay, lesson learned.

It was freaky cold this morning and I really just wanted to crawl back in bed and forget about the whole race. Especially when Tim announced that it was sleeting outside. The race started on an uphill (gee thanks) and headed directly into the hardest wind resistance I've ever ever ever run in. At one point, Tim and I stopped to walk because we figured we were using more energy trying to run through it. Of course, about half-way through the wind hit our backside and became my new best friend. Especially when the wind decided to get behind me on the biggest incline of the race. Thanks wind. I ended up finishing in 28:01 which wasn't bad considering I just ran a marathon a week ago and considering the weather conditions. And I got 2nd place for my age. Sweet. More hardware. Congrats to all the other running peeps who got hardware, or came really really close to it. I think we all had a great race despite the nasty weather.

By the way, if you are part of the Macon Tracks and are reading this post I just want to let everyone know that Leora put her trophy back in the box on the way out. I just found out or I would have made a big deal about it then. I told her I was going to out her publicly, so there.

Overall, the race was pretty well organized, and on a nice course (the weather wasn't the race peeps fault). Although I never saw any forsythias, or a festival, I will definitely run this race again next year.


Bryan said...

From "Spirit of the Marathon";

"I do it for the T-Shirts"

Kurt said...

Awesome race especially given the weather conditions and just doing a marathon. Your a studette!

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Amy!! Awesome race!

Phil said...

Congratulations. You're doing so well!

Joe said...

Congrats! I went to college in south Georgia, so I know how miserable running can be in that climate. Now that I live just north of Atlanta, I can honestly say I don't miss the gnats one bit!


Brian said...

Welcome to New England, Oh, hold up this is Georgia, %^@$#.

It's training, next time your faced with 40 mph winds and snow you'll rock it.

Wimps like me stayed home, safe in my bed.

Rock on!