March 03, 2008


So, I'm totally over what happened this weekend (read the last post if you want to find out how to run a marathon poorly). And I'm ready to move onto to bigger and better things.

Like becoming a marathon maniac.

2 more marathons and I will officially be able to become Marathon Maniac #____. I'm hoping they'll still be in the 800's. I like 8's.

I did some serious stretching today. I printed off all of the pictures that PT gave me and did all of them like a good stretcher would. I was surprised at how good they actually felt! I also lifted some light weights (upper body only...legs still need one more day to relax) and made my training schedule for the next marathon. ING at the end of the month. 4 weeks to be exact, and as my luck would have it, Hal Higdon had a nice multiple marathon training schedule that I think will work.

So the plan for this week is:

Tuesday 2 miles
Thursday 4 miles
Friday 6 miles
Saturday The Forsythia 5k
Sunday 12 miles

For a total of 27.1 miles.

For the next one I'm only focusing on finishing strong...not fast, but strong. I know from past experiences with races in Atlanta, it will be quite hilly so I won't set my sights on a sub-5 for this one. Nope, just finishing strong and happy. That's all I want. Oh, and to be able to say I ran 2 marathons in one month :)

The next one, and the one that will help me become a marathon maniac, will be Twisted Ankle in May. After that I'm going to spend a few months working on my speed.

I think now that I've got my priorities straightened out, my goals that I set for myself will be much easier to obtain!

Have a great week (why doesn't it feel like Monday????)


Jackson DeFore said...

Hey Amy! Keep on running. You can do it! Check this out:;_ylt=Amaqrmdhq.l5VlE9QoyJ7vwDW7oF

This guy can still run and work. Amazing!

Brian said...

If it were only easy...
I ran a full last Nov. and had major issues with my heart rate and had to walk. While run/walking I felt bad, lots of hard work down the drain. But that wasn't the truth, for me it's getting to the line that was the success and the race was for the tee shirt.

You should feel proud of yourself!

You take what happened and move on, next time you'll do better, revel in it.

Head high and smile.


Kurt said...

Make sure you give yourself time to rest up. Still good strong running week for you.

Melanie said...

stumbled across your blog from the CRN site, and thought i'd say hi. I hated running when i was younger, and like you, traded smoking for running :) it'll be 3 years for me in sept, and i know i wouldn't go back. Congrats on all your accomplishments so far, i'm sure you have many more PR's to hit. take care.