March 31, 2008


When I was training for the San Diego marathon in 2006 I had an AHA! moment. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was running down Tucker Road...listening to my mp3 player (hadn't yet upgraded to an ipod), and all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of BRICKS. It was that moment when I knew and felt in every inch of my body that I was ready for that marathon. I could see myself crossing the finish line...I could hear the bystanders cheering me in....I could feel the tears of victory streaming down my face at that very moment. I knew I was ready.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and let's re-hash Snickers. One thing that has dawned on me is that I never had that "AHA" moment. I never once felt like I was ready (and if I told you that I did, I was totally lying). I never once felt like I had done everything possible to make the marathon a success. I mean, I knew I'd finish, and I really thought I'd PR. But, what I never thought about was whether I had really done everything possible to PR. I knew I had done everything to finish, but doing everything possible to PR was never on my radar. And honestly, I don't I KNOW, I didn't have a clue what I even needed to do to PR. I just knew I needed to run. Period.

So what to do now? Well, I put this handy dandy schedule together that includes hill work, speedwork, tempo runs, races, etc. I modified the Hal Higdon 12 week Spring Training Program to meet my crazy schedule. But, even doing that (which I started this week by the way) I still didn't feel like I had a clue how to PR. I just have run on the brain.

Today, Tommy sent me an email link to a RW chart that gave me that AHA! moment I had been looking for. Click here to see the chart. And then I started to wonder if this chart was the same as the McMillan Running Calculator that I hear lots of smarter-than-me people talk about. Click here for that one. And holy cow! Why didn't I listen to any of them before???? No wonder I didn't PR!

I'm just totally astounded and amazed that all of this information was waiting there like a ton of bricks over my head, but I never looked up to watch it drop.

I had that AHA! moment today and although my next marathon is MONTHS away, I totally feel like I'm ready now!

Thanks to all the people who do more research than me and have time to sit still and read articles. Without you guys I would be suffering through one more marathon when I didn't have to!

Plan for the week:
Monday: Cross training (done! stairmaster rocks)
Tuesday: Hill work
Wednesday: 3 mile easy pace (and holy cow, NOW I know what my easy pace should be!)
Thursday: 40 minute tempo (again, HOLY COW, now I know what to do!)
Friday: 6 mile easy pace
Saturday: Cherry Blossom 15k (yes, HOLY COW, now I know what I should be doing to pace myself)
Sunday: Rest

I bet this is exactly what Christopher Columbus felt like when he discovered the world was round.....

Have a great week!


Stefanie said...

Ummmmmm, maybe this is a slow moment for me but... how are you going to do hill work at the track? :)

leora's blog said...

does this mean your ready for the stadium "hillesque" type workout?!

Kurt said...

In the end what matters most is getting mileage in. I like both McMillian and Hidgeon plans and favor Jack Daniels. Still they all basically call for hills, some speed work and lots of good miles.

How goes the wedding plans?

Marathoner in Training said...

San Diego will be my first marathon in June. I hope that it is as memorable as your was.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! Eat them hills baby! (I'm running them also)


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