February 05, 2008

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Yes, again, I made it to another Tuesday night speed workout.

Three solid weeks of coming in last last last doesn't do much for the self-confidence, so tonight I tried a new tactic to ease the ever-bruising ego. I envisioned that, rather than being last, I was the prettiest girl in the whole world.

Hey, whatever works, right?

Tonight I completed 2 x 800 followed by 2 x 1600 plus a mile warm-up and a half-mile cooldown for a total of 4.5 miles. Geez, I'm glad I can do math!

The rest of the group (sans LL Cool J who opted to hang with me instead) ran another 2 x 800 after the mile repeats. Yikes is all I have to say about that! I am the prettiest girl in the whole world.

Kerry, speedy-extradonaire, told me that they started with 3 miles and did that for 6 or 7 months before bumping it up to 4 miles, so that's what I'll stick with for a while. Or at least until after the ING marathon. LL Cool J also offered to kick my butt provide some speed assistance in the form of crazy leg-horse-like movements and brutal runs up and down stadium steps. How very exciting. Where do I sign up? We'll start that torture workout after the Snickers marathon in 3 weeks (yes just 3 short weeks!)

All in all, I hurt. I'm glad the world made Endurox. And I've got to run 20 miles on Sunday to make up for last weeks debacle. Oh, and run a half-marathon (will be part of my 20) where I should win. Not the race, but a brand new Mercedes. Yes, I said it. I'm going to win.

Thursday Ultra Girl (who ran 39 miles on Sunday!) and I will begin implementation of the stair master plan. I just can't wait. And I've gotten up both days this week WITHOUT HITTING SNOOZE and lifted weights (Monday) and got my yoga on (today). Tomorrow will be more weights, Thursday AM will be a little more yoga-ing, and Friday back to the weights.

Please note: this sounds like I'm doing ALOT but really it's not that much. I promise. Weights are light and yoga is just a short 15 minute session to get some much needed stretching in.

And I'm feeling much better. Like my life really has some meaning to it. Or something poetic like that. No really, I've made a conscious decision to just stop and smell the roses...or run by them listening to Kanye West's "Stronger" while envisioning that I'm the prettiest girl in the whole world. I'm just going to start saying no to everything if my gut gets the least bit uptight about doing something extra. Like I told LL tonight, I'm getting my priorities straight: Troy, work, run, beer, school, life. Not necessarily in that order. I even took the day off tomorrow just so I could study. That way I'm not feeling pressed or stressed or uneasy while I'm accepting my new Mercedes on Sunday.

So, you have a good week. I'm going to have a GREAT one!


leora's blog said...

ok this post honestly had me loling aka laughing out loud, and that just straight up doesn't happen that often. If you want to know what your going to get yourself into in four weeks you can go to and for email enter and for password enter triton. and it is a lottt more fun than running

Melissa said...

Gisele Bundchen ain't got nothing on you! NOW RUN!!! Great post! I have had a really hard two weeks with zero energy and way more work than hours in the day. That was an uplifting blog and if you really want to boost your ego then I guess I will come to Tuesday night speed work so you wont have to be last anymore... the things I do for friends.... =)

Mrs. Bear said...

I just started weights the beginning of January and have found they really are helping.

Keep up the good work!

Next time I run, I want to be the prettiest girl in the world. Nice strategy! :)

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life

Marathoner in Training said...

That is funny. They work you pretty hard. Great job.

Kurt said...

Wow your doing a lot of training and cross training. Glad to see beer on the list!

Just becareful of the stairs. If you start feeling any strain in the achilles or feet switch to hills.

I so look forward to your kick arse marathon report!

Tim said...

Hi Amy,

Beth and I have been following your posts and we know the marathon is coming up soon.

Just want you to know we're both wishing you well and cheering you on!