February 16, 2008

Sweetheart Run For Sight Report

This morning, bright and early, Troy and I headed out to run the Sweetheart Run for Sight 12k. I was particularly excited about this race because I knew whatever I ran it in, it would be a PR!!! In addition to running the race, we were also going to finish up that last long run of 18 to 20 miles before our small taper for the Snickers Marathon in 2 weeks. We mapped a route last night and realized that the perimeter road around the mall in Warner Vegas (where the Sweetheart race was held) was exactly 1 mile. Whoever designed that road must have been a runner :) We decided that we'd just loop the mall as many times as we could prior to the race, run the race, and get any other pesky miles we needed to finish after the race.

It was a beautiful morning for running. 5:45am, Troy and I began our little journey...within minutes we both has shed our long sleeves. It was so nice and familiar to be running in shorts and short sleeves again! We made 9 loops before heading into to grab our race packet and bib numbers. It was nice to just run with Troy. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each others companies. It made me remember all those long runs we used to do together gearing up for San Diego...back then we hadn't found the Macon Tracks so we were all each other had in the way of long running partners.

We still had some time left, and Downtown D had arrived at this point, so we made one last loop around the parking lot with her before starting time. Troy decided that he would opt out of our 11 minute miles and chose to run the 12k at his own, more comfortable, faster-than-me pace. I for one, was perfectly happy to run the next 7 miles at a slow and steady pace...because hey, I am doing a "long run" and whatever I ran it in would be a PR. We passed Troy several times on the course as it was several loops through a neighborhood adjacent to the mall. Downtown D, and Michelle (she's the one that duked it out with me until the finish at the Dirty Race), and I just talked and laughed and I was glad to just be running. And of course it was a beautiful day to be doing it.

I felt great the entire time.

Near the end, Michelle kicked it up a notch and finished up ahead of us. Downtown D and I sprinted in together, much to the appreciation of the small crowd...I guess they liked seeing the race aspect still left in those of us who had been out there for so long. I even tried to beat the guy in front of me, but he must have heard my footsteps coming and kicked it in a second ahead of me.

After the race, Troy and I were at 17.2 miles. We decided to make one final loop around the mall before deciding that 18.2 miles with a race thrown in there, would be good enough to finish the Snickers Marathon. Other than some residual calf pain from kicking it in on that last 1/10 of a mile at the end of the race, I really felt great. 18 miles down. 26.2 to go.

To top it all off, Troy and I both placed 2nd for our age group!

A PR, some hardware, and 18 miles...what more could I ask for on a Saturday???

Have a great weekend!


Firefly's Running said...

Awesome job, Amy. Congrads on the prize!

Tim said...

Great job both of you!

Anonymous said...

Great running!!

leora's blog said...

damn! your gonna need to hire someone full time to come and polish all your metal!

Kurt said...

Awesome job and what a great way to work a tempo run in. You really kicked arse!