January 25, 2008

Why Do I Heart Running

I think I've written this post before but since it's been a while I thought it would be worth revisiting.

Last night a group of us sang "the wheels on the bus...." as karate girl tried not to kill us for our lack of temperature control, as we drove to Atlanta to see a movie.

Why I Heart Running Reason #1: Because when else can you get in a van with 10 of your closest running buddies to drive to Atlanta to meet 2 more running buddies to watch a movie? A movie about running.

I decided to come to terms today with the fact that I will weigh 124 lbs until the day I die. Not that I think that's any big deal, because I don't. I just would like to weigh something different. Like a nice round number like 120. I might even take 125 if I thought that were possible.

Why I Heart Running Reason #2: Because no matter how much I weigh or how much I eat, they always seem to be in harmony with each other as long as I'm running.

Today, Downtown D came uptown to run 7 miles. We made it 6.66 miles (according to Garmina) when she tripped on a piece of pavement (who put that there?) and fell and scrapped her hands and nearly broke her wrist.

Why I Heart Running Reason #3: Because even when the Devil himself tries to stop us, we keep on running.

There are lots of other reasons why I heart running including but not limited to: making lots of new friends who don't care if I call them by their correct name or blow a snot rocket within mere inches of their ankle, dropping the hammer and pulling an all out w-i-n at a race I wasn't even planning on running, some race medals are really cool, it makes people who don't run think I'm weird for running and totally overlook all of those other quirky habits I have, and last but not least, because I can.

I will finish this week with an 18-miler and surpass 30 miles total for the week. A first in a very very long time.

On the wedding front, picked up two flower girl dresses today for my niece to try on tomorrow and I decided at which point I will enter the park where we are getting married...and no I won't tell you.

Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

LOL I love it! I heart running cause it's cheaper than therapy!

Firefly's Running said...

I heart running because of the endorphins.

leora's blog said...

I Hart running cus then I get cold with sweat at Cracker Barrel and the fire is like the most heavenly creature ever created at that point. I know what park it is and i can peep at your wedding from my windowwww!!!

Kurt said...

Sheep love parks.

I heart running because I love hardware, cheesecake, chocolate and it helps me deal with life.

jeff said...

i less than three running because i get to splash in mud puddles.

and, yay for snot rockets!

Marathoner in Training said...

I HEART running for the T-shirts