January 03, 2008

New Year's Lives On....

So I think I'm still coming down off of my New Years bash.

I still haven't run one single time in this new year (although I'm scheduled to meet Downtown D also known as Wanna Be Skinny Byatch tomorrow for a 10 miler...oh the stories we shall tell).

Anyway, it seems that a couple of things happened the night of the party:

1. There were more cameras there than people. Really. If one more person calls to tell me that they've got a disc of pics for me I may vomit the rest of that gin and tonic (which later turned into gin and juice) up.

2. Wardrobe malfunctions happen. In all the pre-midnight pics I look like me. All the post-midnight pics I look like Anna Nicole Smith. I should have just donned my bathing suit and got it all over with. Unfortunately, any pics posted on this blog will cropped and/or photoshopped so that my top looks like it's all the way on. By the way, I must apologize to my brother. He shouldn't have had to be one of the many who told me to fix my top. As a public service announcement I am posting a picture of the top that I wore so that any other Ann Taylor shoppers will be aware. Note the black satin ribbon in the middle. Post-midnight that black satin bow in the middle came untied and apparantely had been the only thing holding the front of the shirt up.

Exhibit A:

3. I think I loved everyone. There are more pictures of me putting my friends in some sort of "I love you man" headlock than there are people drinking. Really. If I didn't tell you that I loved you, or you were the bomb, or you were going to kick someone's butt in my honor, or that you were my bestest friend ever, then you weren't at the party.

See Exhibit A above and Exhibit B below. Too bad I can't show the rest but I couldn't get my wardrobe malfunction to crop out.

Exhibit B:

4. In addition to telling everyone that Karate Girl would kick their butt, I also told many people to kiss my butt. Or so the pictures say I did.

Exhibit C:

Yes, that's my butt you see.....

5. Troy got to know his friends better than I had expected.

See Exhibit D:

6. We scared people. Or this is what happens when you're the only sober person at a party. Or Downtown D just called her a Skinny Byatch. Who knows, but man she looks scared!

Exhibit E:

I'd like to post some pics of Karate Girl (who's not-boyfriend took these pictures) but my wardrobe malfunction has prevented me from doing that. I'm getting a couple more discs next Monday so if there are any better ones (and I'm certain there are), I will surely post them for the world to see. I won't embarass anyone...I promise.

New Year's 2008 (or is it 2007??) Rocked (or what I remember of it)!


miss petite america said...

da-yum girl! i feel drunk just reading your post. you sure know how to partay!

Sandra said...

Well hot damn, I'm just honored we were included in the after party (and sorry we missed the main event). I think a suppository would have made the IV work better.
My question is will the church consider you and Troy getting married a sin since he and Scott are already married?

Sandra said...

Is it poligamy when it's 2 men and 1 woman?

Melissa said...

Damn good party is all I have to say! Great host, great food, REALLY great entertainment! lol Great exhibits by the way! Just to let everyone know, nothing out of the way happened at the party it was just good times.

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! Awesome pictures! Looks like lots of fun!

leora's blog said...

i agree with melissa....damn good party...I'll never be sober at one of your parties ever again I promise!