January 10, 2008

New Shoes

Well not really.

I realized today, after my 3 miles of hill repeats with Ultra Girl and her aunt, that my beloved Filas had seen better days. Actually the rubber had completely rubbed off of the left heel...and I didn't even know it. So, off to Run Fit Sports after work. Mission: to get another pair of Filas.

So I arrived at Run Fit close to closing, because hey I'm not going to be in there long...just need to pick up a new pair of Filas. And then I get in there and I just start to get all starry eyed from the neon greens and pinks and big toe boxes and shoe bandings...and I'm starting to drool...and I just really want to try on every stinking pair of them...and I think I try on most...and I'm running down the sidewalk in my dress slacks and seriously-not-running-bra and NEW SHOES (cue the trumpets). And it's just totally heaven. I just really want to take them all home. Even the ones that don't feel so good, but they are so dang pretty.

And up there in the corner...the old standbys...the old faithfuls...the Filas that I know will get me at least 14 miles with little or no effort (ha)...and I'm just totally ignoring them because HELLO they aren't NEW shoes and I want NEW shoes. And we weighed the Asics and the Sauconys and the Mizunos and the New Balances...and yep...they all weighed more than the Filas...but I didn't care because I want NEW shoes.

And I finally settle on the Sauconys even though the bandings on the side were a little uncomfortable. I figured I'll get used to it. It's only because I've been a Fila hog and gotten used to no bandings and get over it girlie because you're getting NEW shoes, not those old stinking blue Filas. And I brought them home. And promptly put my real running bra on (and some shorts) and my NEW Sauconys (cue those trumpets again)...and headed downstairs to the treadmill. To run a few miles.

2 miles later and here I sit posting this blog.

With the Sauconys tucked safely back in their box.

Because tomorrow they shall return to their rightful owner who just happens to be anyone other than me.

And I'll place that order for my NEW-old Filas.

Can't mess with a good thing, right?? And especially when you're planning on running 3 marathons and 2 half marathons in the next 4 months....


Marathoner in Training said...

Sometimes there is nothing like the old standby's. I could make comments about the running bra, but I will with hold any sly comments. :) Have a great weekend. What marathons and 1/2's are you planning on running?

Nancy said...

Oh Amy, Amy, Amy, we all have these crushes and flirtations with new shoes...but our old sturdy friends will carry us faithfully through. Dang the new ones are pretty though!!

Firefly's Running said...

I will never trade my NB's for NO ONE. If something's not broke, why fix it?