January 08, 2008

My Version of Speed Work

I've tried speed workouts numerous times before. I've usually given up after the first try because it just seems so grueling. Today wasn't any different except for I'm giving up about a week earlier than I usually do.

Okay, so I'm kidding. I'm going to *try* and not give up this time. I even made it one of my New Years Resolutions. To get speedy, that is.

But I did put a whole new spin on it. **rubs hands together like she's just devised something new and great**

I initially started out thinking that I would do a .75 mile warmup (3 laps for anyone who really didn't know that) followed by 4 x 400 with a jog lap in between each 400. Then .50 mile cooldown to *hopefully* make an even 3 miles. If there is one thing I can't stand, it's having to post non-even numbers in my running log. I'm anal. I'm an accountant. Deal with it.

Here's what really happened. I ran .50 mile warmup and then decided that I was tough enough/warmed up enough to get this stuff over with (another Resolution: no cuss words, so when you see words like "stuff" or "junk" fill in your own explicative). So, I bolted out of the gate for my first 400. I made it about 387 before I thought I was gonna die. And there were a ton of walkers on the track so I didn't want to be that girl (by the way walkers: use the outside of the track! Please!). Then I proceeded to sortof walk/sortof run (okay so it was all walking) about another 200 meters before the "you're too tough to be walking" part of me came out and I decided from that point to sprint another 400 meters. I made it another 200 before I realized that 1) I was totally messing up my plan and 2) I was being an idiot. I walked the next lap. Then got my act together and sprinted 2 more 400's with a slow jog in betweeen. Then I felt bad for messing that second lap up so I decided to sprint another 200 because in my anal, accountant mind it made everything work out to a sortof even number. Or sortof. I finished up with 2.5 miles which was way better than 2.368, in my mind.

And that was my own made-up version of speedwork.

Next week I'm going to a) do it a 4:00 on the Base track b) do what I really meant to do 4 x 400's.

I hope everyone is having a great week back at work. I am drowning a sea of audit reports but nothing that I can't handle (reference the part about being "tough" above).

Have a great week!


Jim said...

Congrats on the "speedwork". I've always hated running on the track and still refuse to do so. Maybe that's why I'm still slow??????

I prefer to do fartleks along one of my normal routes. When I'm in shape, for a change up I do hill work and Yasso 800s (just not on the track).

No quiting this time around!

Mrs. Bear said...

I like to do speedwork, because I am wacky like that! :)

How about mixing it up? Like last night, we did jog/walk around the curves and stride/run on the straight-aways for 8 laps (12 for the intermediate group). It is simple enough and short enough distance that you can go all out. Plus, our 3/4 mile warm-up, that could be 3.5 miles (if you did 12 laps).

I also like to do our next workout: 100 meters with calisthenics in between (sit-ups, jumping jacks, push-ups, whatever).

Another one: 100, 200, 300, 400, 400, 300, 200, 100, with 100 meter recovery in between.

Speedwork can be fun, really, it can! :)

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life

leora's blog said...

i praise you for your 5 30 a.m. ness, do you do it then because you stay unconscious until its over? i love your random sprint for no reason haha it had me laughing hard for some reason....

p.s. the apple pie comment was good, and i almost would but i just think cooked apples are like eating tin foil

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