January 04, 2008

My First Run of the New Year

Well, I finally got up the nerve to run. In the cold. At 7am. When my bed (with the new duvet cover) was keeping me much warmer. But I was having a dream that John Edwards was sexually harassing me so I don't think I was going back to sleep anyway.

I met Downtown D for our normal 4.66 mile route (now that I have the Garmin I know EXACTLY how far we go...and I just LOVE IT). But today was different. For one thing it was about 20 degrees outside. And I felt like my nose might end up looking like Michael Jackson's. For another thing, I felt like I could run forever. Or at least to 5.55 miles. Which is exactly what we did. No stellar speed or anything but it was nice to just get out and run.

By the way, we had several homeless people look at us like we were crazy and one guy just laughed at us as he walked by.

11 more miles to make that 1,000 mile mark and since I'm scheduled for 16 on Sunday I'm thinking it will be no problemo to meet that goal by the weeks end.

I also came home and lifted weights because I just couldn't help myself.

Now I'm off to take my sister's son (Pete) ice skating.

Have a great Friday (and in case you were wondering I do have to go back to work next week....ugh....18 days off and I'm totally dreading it!)


Marathoner in Training said...

I guess that was one hell of a nightmare, the only thing worse is if it was Hillery. Yikes. That is too cold to go out running, you are a wild woman. Keep up the great running 1000 is right around the corner.

Mrs. Bear said...

Congratulations on hitting 1000 miles!

6 marathons in one year!? Yikes! You are my own personal hero!

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on getting your first run of the year in.