January 06, 2008


This morning's run brought some memories, milestones, and some rememberences of days gone by (weird, huh?)

As far as the memories go, Leora was kind enough to tell a cute story every mile or so about how drunk I really was on New Years. About how many times I dropped the *F* bomb, or told someone that Karate Girl would kick their butt, or how many times I showed her my fake (no, nonexistent) toenail that I had painted over. Thanks for the memories girl!

Milestones: there were plenty.

First of all we were all peer pressured into running the entire loop (12 miles). And when I say "we" I mean five unsuspecting runners who just thought the farthest they might go is 9 miles. Okay, that's not totally true. Troy and I knew we'd get 12 in, but the extra 2 miles on top of that was totally Tim's fault. Thanks Tim! So, 14 miles for today (or according to Garmin 13.94, but who cares? I like round-easy-more-than-I-really-ran-numbers.) I just went back to Breaking the Tape (where I keep my log *and you should too*) and guess what? The last time I ran more than 13.1 miles was before I ran the San Diego Marathon!!!!! Hello????!!!!!???? That was like a year and a half ago! Holy moly!

Second, I made 1,000 lifetime miles. So what does all of that mean? In the last 809 days (or 2 years and 79 days ago when I started running) I have run almost a mile everyday. Well, that's not exactly true because there were those two times I was in a cast for six weeks at a time. Plus just general illnesses, laziness, and that part where I hated running probably makes it more like I've averaged a 3 mile run most days I've run. Or something like that. Really? It just means that I rock. And nothing else.

When we started this run this morning, I was grouchy, tired, and just didn't really feel like being out there. It was nice to see that there would be a big group of us (Leora, Tim, notfast (aka Krispy Kreme), Downtown D, Troy, myself, and crazy Jason running at least to the 4.5 mile waterstop together. No, I take that back. Crazy Jason decided to sprint out with the "fast group" despite the fact that he wouldn't tell anyone when he actually had run last. Around mile 2.5 we caught Crazy Jason and Tim convinced him to keep running with us...we had no idea that he could get talked into running the entire 12 miles with us. But then neither did Downtown D. And I think Tim secretly told Krispy Kreme that there were donuts waiting at the end if he did the entire 12 miles. That, and Tim's whole "push through the pain, be a man" mantra he kept chanting to Krispy. Somewhere along the route I began to feel really great. I Gu'ed at the start and then at 4.5 even though I still felt fine (which I later realized lead to my success today!). It just felt like a good run. The entire time. When we got to mile 9, I'm not sure what happened but I felt FANTASTIC. I mean at that point I felt like I could turn around and run back another 9. Really. It was strange and wonderful and the orange Gatorade at the waterstop tasted like the best Gatorade I had ever tasted. Really. I Gu'ed again for good measure and decided at that point I might be able to do 16. When we all successfully finished the loop (even Crazy Jason) I decided that I could hang with Tim for at least another mile out and back. I still felt freakin great! But as we started the next mile I saw Troy fading in the distance. He just kept getting a little farther behind. Honestly, he really didn't look like his jovial-I-can-run-forever self. I started to think what if something happened? What if he passed out or his blood sugar got too low and he went into a coma (I know...a little dramatic)? Just now it dawned on me that Tim is a freakin' girl. Well, I decided at about mile 12 I should turn around because I didn't want to have to explain to Troy's mom that I had run him too hard and that's why he was missing her birthday dinner tonight.

When I decided it was time to turn around, I got this feeling. That feeling that I haven't had since before San Diego. That feeling of I rock and I know it. I just felt invincible. That I was doing more this morning than most people would do all week. That I was unstoppable. I had forgotten how that felt and was glad that I remembered it this morning.

So, a great start to a crazy week (back to work tomorrow after 18 days off and school starts back tomorrow night....yuck!).

Running plans for this week include:

Tuesday night speedwork (with all the speedies)

Thursday hill work with Deborah at lunch if she can go

Thursday evening easy 3 miler

Friday run with Downtown D (at least 5 miles but maybe more)

Sunday 16 long miles

PS. I think Troy's lost it. I just ran downstairs to get some water and he's standing in front of the window drinking a beer watching birds make nests in his new bird house. When I asked what he was doing all he said was "it's so cool...there are 6 apartments in there"....
Have a great week!


Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on the milestone!

Anonymous said...

Good run today and nice "wedding" website!

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